All my Poems

518 A Few Wishes →

Wishes for a dear friend on her birthday.

517 Dreamers →

About the dreamers who would have mankind progress and boldly do it.

516 Beat →

Raggedly thinking again about the bondage to family.

515 I Hope →

Hopes for a friend whose been there for me at some very tough times.

514 Let Me Go →

A boy asking leave of his tough family.

513 Through The Years →

Just a boy earnestly wishing to have a dear friend back.

512 Hope3 →

Asking Kim to be strong and not let past griefs overpower him.

511 Loss2 →

For a new made friend, about the loss of his partner Jo.

510 Retired →

Seriously, this ones about us holding onto our dreams that we may change the world into something special.

509 The Way I Feel →

About a friend no longer beside me, in continuation to a letter I wrote her in 2018.

508 Fight3 →

A prayer to stand in the sun, having conquered the lower tendencies - and an invitation to all to come do the same.

507 Dreams3 →

Another poem for Pat - a reminesce of how things were and some wistfulness.

MSA, 10 Jun 2023
Spirit, Weave and Wend Our Way | WORK: inspired

506 Weep →

Plea from a pacifist to humanity to spread love not be embroiled in hate.

505 Exodus →

Something about breaking away from city life and inviting humanity to an exodus leading us to live with Nature.

504 Tail →

Another moving piece of advice to humanity to "dig deep and suck out all the marrow of life".

503 Head →

About the human race that should "discover the light and we walk elated and tall".

502 Cry2 →

As I reflect on my loneliness and comfort myself that a better time will come when I have a body to love.

501 Dammed Up →

About a long forgotten intimacy, the giving into dammed up feeling and the rekindling of an old spark.

500 Enough2 →

Dead set against all forms of war, this one ends with: "Come my much loved species, time to turn the page!"

499 Gentle Giant →

Like it says: "we just bonded well straight from the start", you gentle giant you!

498 Communities →

About the ups and downs of communities and the gleanings we can have from our elders.

497 Good Fight →

Still trying to cheer that friend up and not seem a duffer.

496 Unfurl →

Celebrating as a friend "unfurls his flag" and sets out on a new adventure.

495 Special →

Special greetings and wishes for a special girl.

494 Niha2 →

A poem of wonder for this enchanting 9 year old.

493 Moments Left →

A prayer for a friend's mother as she recovers.

492 Lovingly Heal →

A prayer for a dear friend that she recover quickly from a fall and fracture.

491 Blessed →

Each day we live we find positivity to buoy us from the crass and odd. For blessings today in this seemingly harsh world may seem almighty few

490 Back To Life →

"At new beginnings, I'd dream on, hopeful with each passing day. And glad for those friendships that are cemented for a lifetime."

489 Fresh Ideas →

But Humankind seems ready for fresh ideas, that's a plus. I wrote last year that the time can be even now,

488 Mohsen →

For my cousin's son.

487 Abid →

For a friend's cousin, on his 5th Wedding Anniversary.

486 Niyat2 →

Will this boy one day become a "World Stirrer and Shaker"?

485 Arms →

About my friendship with 4 women.

484 Dying →

In this poem about my father's fear of discussing death, I begin to make a case for Euthanasia - something I've believed in for more than a decade.

483 Beach →

"Making love in the morning sun in some Of my earliest essays as I revelled in your beauty, In your warmth with a sense frolicsome."

482 Strove →

"we could be perfection"

481 Sorry →

An apology to friends for being obtuse.

480 Lost Without Music →

This poem describes a friend whose feeling low and "unable to hear the music"

479 Nothing →

A contemplative poem thanks to my uncle Chalam

478 Beautiful World →

Life finally calls for us to have poise and a shedding of the ego, as we revere all things beautiful, with creatures great and small.

477 On Divorce →

For a near and dear sweet friend whose on the verge of separation and divorce

476 Driving Force →

A random prayer for a friend

475 Work Is Worship →

For its is only when we reach for perfection that we become the game. And to play the game you must always surrender the outcome

474 Family Man →

... don't let life drive you around the bend. Go with glide in your stride instead, always wisely your time do spend.

473 Mrityormam →

There's a part inside us that's strong though grieving. It wants to sing your praise, but also is filled with sighs. All through your life, we never at your hand stopped receiving.

472 Work →

let work morph into it's divine future and no longer maim or control. This very moment, we withdraw our sanction from poverty, homelessness and war. We eliminate the need for banks, debt and taxes forever!

471 City Mine →

Oh the friends I leave in your care as I trot to my new home with my old fife. Especially the ones you took to your bosom for they'd borne too much of life.

470 Rosebuds →

Dear Friend of mine, how the tomorrows stretched to infinity a scarce decade ago! You were right, my philosophies were all sterile and puerile, filled with a false Ego

469 Born To Run →

We should only be grateful for the road brought us here, through good times and bad, now come dance and thrive.

468 My Robin →

For and to Todd Anderson, student in Dead Poets Society

467 Strain Once Again →

Break the Chains that bind, prise open the cask's lid and strain once again, this time moving sure-footed and lightning fast.

466 Amma →

I think of the years stretching in front of your grandchildren and know, that they will carry your spirit fierce through all their laughs and tears.

465 The Poets Daemon →

Enough talk of daemons and sprites and spirits that would possess a poets imagination, lead him to daydream and continually obsess - What these fellows need is some strong grounding in reality.

464 Selfish →

Upbraiding the world for all it's selfishness and insouciance.

463 Best →

Another important poem of self reflection as 2 dear friends bring me closer to believing - believing in myself.

462 Wildmore →

A landmark poem as I start releasing that pent up anger and write with a new force of feeling / authneticity instead of sugar coaring everything.

461 Aishwarya →

For a newly met mother addressing her 6yo daughter.

460 Distance2 →

Beginning with an appreciation for distance, this poem quickly talks about how friendship can bridge any gap and quickly switches to even grander themes.

459 A Whole New World →

Oh, absolute mirth at the thought of the battles of life to be fought.

458 Castles2 →

Wowie, some powerful old feelings!

457 Books →

For a friend's daughter for her birthday, this one extra special for it reflects my love of books.

456 Forgot →

In all my madness and insecurity, I've always forgotten to pray for and be kind to the ones that love me so.

455 Lovely →

Care for one another as we can do, with love. Uplifted, as on a starry, starry night, we look above.

454 Stormy2 →

About finding the right sort of partner and flying!

453 Lost →

Another poem to Patricia, this one has me in an endless loop of memories.

452 Gumption →

Another note to toddler's and youth, this one with a final note to parents to always be mindful about life. Also written for Renaissance

451 Cradle →

A personal note to babies and children everywhere, written for Renaissance

450 Folks →

Reflecting on life in the company of two very dear friends.

449 Strength3 →

Genuinely asking a friend to share her thoughts and feelings as I realize everyone's life is in 3d - technicolor.

448 O Divine →

We run amok thinking this Earth to us does belong. In your despite we play with fire, not having the sense That your dreams can take us to the very heavens!

447 Victory2 →

Thoughts that came flowing for a friend on the topic of death, as it overshadows a loved one.

446 Entwined →

I grew up dreaming that lovers ought be entwined. And enmeshed, totally inside each other's heart. Have I found that sort of love? Believe it I'm inclined. For this time I've loved you mad, right from the start.

445 Bulwark →

On a patch of grass on the same side of a slope. So that we may grow in the melody of one another. Good water! That harbinger of plenty, and hope, Let me find you so we'd have each other for tether.

444 Evergreen →

Oh darling my light is glowing dim, but I wait. I strove hard to find you, first in my dreams, Now come quick to me before it's too late. Do you hear my whimpers amidst their screams?

443 Ether →

It gladdens my heart to know that you exist. That the ether connects our minds and hearts. Tell me lover, should I walk through the mist? Would I find you ready to assemble all my parts?

442 Moments →

Tell me you'd be here this instant and I will stop all my meandering, rather live with you in glee.

441 Hope2 →

Hope your senses reel at the thought of me. And all the ways I'd touch you deep and wild. How I'd bask in your love, shout in pure glee, As we found ways to unmask the inner child.

440 Melt →

Melt me down to my elements, then cast me anew. For I would be pliant for you. My pledge I'd renew, To hold and cherish you until the end of my days. To swirl in your waters, live enthralled by your gaze.

439 Woods →

The hills beckon me where I would walk in woods. Holding you beside me, each couple with their broods.

438 Gentle →

My love, I'd be thrilled if only you would think to have me, for life is fleeting, gone in a blink!

437 Dance2 →

Dance you two, weave the story of the world between the tapestry of your own world. With senses keen.

436 Gift →

I know you both have left much pain behind. But know that in love, much healing you'd find.

435 Fleeting →

For its your face I would remember all my life. Let me now ask that we live as man and wife.

434 Heart →

It's only in your heart that I would dwell for a while. Where I bask in the radiance of your beautiful smile.

433 Place →

As you touch my hand and let our love light up - The skies as sparks fly from our skin, a deep cup

432 Ablaze →

The first of 15 poems for a new muse, this one has me saying "I'd reckon the years by the stars you'd pull down, and my words, that whisper love in the light of dawn."

431 Making Love2 →

At the crossroads of romantic dead ends, this poem sees me letting go of the past and making way for what would become "dreamy"

430 Teacher →

For my school teacher of 6 years who dreamed of a lot for me - things that are slowly coming true, and my feeling for my mother to continue the cycle of love.

429 Mass →

Written for a friend, the day they stormed the Sri Lankan President's house, demanding his resignation

428 Glee →

The sizzling romance continues - part 5

2 Mumzy2 →

About a wonderful visit we had by a cat and her 3 kittens nearly 10 years ago

427 Spark →

With reference to my prose "Sleep Eros", this poems is about a fictional lover

426 Shanti →

For when another "river of time" ended, as my friend lost her Father

1 Mumzy1 →

My first "sit-down-and-write" essay with my mother, Uma. Its about her beloved son, me <3

425 Starlit →

Another poem for little Eliott as I picture him on long walks with his parents.

424 Swing Low →

"I can't think of a gentler soul though firm... To reform heaven, help them cut through the tape... Find the supreme secret *1 as we'd cast away a drape"

423 Making Love →

"I'd recall to you my story of love and friendship, still hopeful... That you'd one day realize I was simply in your spell"

422 A Patch of Blue →

"You've meant a lot in my life as I'm sure you've helped redeem a few... Let another year pass and we will have spent a dozen well.... Now go drink from the cup of life, and let jangle your bell!"

421 Galvanise →

"Just a change in our outlook as we ride the escalator to heaven... I may seem old and haggard, but I tell you I've much time well spent, In daring to plot the reform of tomorrow, plant a veritable Eden."

420 Wish →

"Wish for different times, and that we'd strengthen anew... Each other's voice, guffawed into the night as the dew... Evaporated and gave way to a resplendent dawn bright,"

419 Nestled →

"He's done with the old life, it's time to plan and be more effective, As friends tell him he's worthy of being counted with the rest."

418 Never Love →

Birthday gift for a spirited friend "why not teach Our children simply to dream of a brighter tomorrow and then how constantly to reach? For the stars and baulk not at the challenge of building that vision"

417 Poised →

Written for my boss' birthday - "You balance hardcore tech savvy with empathetic, but that's not odd,.. Rather it's endearing, for you always wish us well, help us feel sated."

416 Divine Thread →

Written for a poonal ceremony of a friend's nephew Arjun

415 Birth →

Written for the delight that is baby Eliott, Kim's newborn son

414 All My Life →

"All my life I wanted to find a girl like Stormy, who like me would want,.. To delight the world's children, and with our combined voices, enchant."

413 Warriors2 →

"So follow the impulse in your heart dear soldier, extend the olive branch... And let a new spirit of oneness take hold of this planet."

412 Believe →

"Instead walk in your shadow, fight at your side, retrain my thought... As the warp and woof of my constructs undergo a metamorphosis... And comes out refreshed by the tender and sheer force of your love."

411 Mademoiselle2 →

Again a romance, written in French for my "would be".

410 ianamazi →

Written for an open mic, but couldn't go. One way to introduce myself...

409 Kim →

For a friend who was nearly at term, in memory of the wonderful vibes she created online.

408 Abide →

For a friend as she graces a wedding wishing the very best to the couple, as we tried to articulate that "though life is sometimes gonna bring a low. Take the good with the bad, there's no other way - than to embrace the moments, as dreams hold sway."

407 Dare →

A heartfelt thanks for those who dare to build a brighter tomorrow. "we'll joyfully burst out in song. For mankind will have survived his adolescence, will finally belong - In the timeless halls of tomorrow".

406 Amrityu →

For the deathless spirit of a son, gathered by the lord in his tender twenties.

405 Build →

Another poem inspired by my Gurus, on the special day when I visited the city they sanctified and hallowed.

404 Us Two →

Writing with deep romantic feeling again after an age (Or rather, after Dec 1)

403 Clarinet →

A sequel to the Bayonet, this hope for all that can be good in life again as I evolve the thought with a dear friend.

402 Child →

For the alternate education system designed and developed by a dear friend.

401 Naalai →

Thinking of the Nature of people and the watchwords needed to build the promise of tomorrow, this blank verse poem was made from words given by a friend and mentor.

400 Personae →

Thinking of the giants and personae (characters) in my lifetime reading fiction, I dedicated this to a friend who helped me mend. "I wait for the never ending story to lead a way out of hell, As I promised the Empress I'd create something special".

399 Spent2 →

For a dear friend whose very peaceful future was and is being threatened. I do not agree with her decision not to go down with guns blazing, but respect the strength she has for choosing that. "My advice to you, all friends - is to just recover fast and keep moving - we know this life as bumpy, yet chose it, so make it one of giving"

398 Manish →

For Reuben, Sandeep and Harry on the death of their friend Manish Aneja, written from the view of the poet, addressing the dear departed.

397 Bayonet →

With pain, now gone, since I spoke about it and wrote Clarinet. Am almost mended now, though it caused much pain and anguish for many years. "I sincerely pray for peace for those warriors who wrest With life as her very future lies in the balance, now rest"

396 Rejection →

For a friend's friend as we welcomed here into our warm and light hearted circle

395 Hero →

About the important role some of us men play as Heroes in our children's lives - "We all feel a warm glow as you enter the room and greet us" - now go, have a ghand ball.

394 Human →

For a friend to dream and dare and in thanking for making me feel loved again, as we set out to "remind the world what it always knew - that acts of caring never go amiss"

393 Planet →

For a dear friend on the occasion of his book launch - with a plea to all to come, help build and then live in a "Common Planet"

392 Girl →

For a friend's daughter Taara, 4 years after her elder brother turned the same 1 and I was there to capture the atmosphere

391 Dreams2 →

A word of comfort to a dear friend to whom I say "Think of the secret of life, as new fields you sow, and water with your blood, sweat and tears"

390 Ananda →

About fighting for truth and Mother Earth, this one ends with a strong call to have a day "glorious as we dreamt. When we decided to fight for good"

389 Drown →

Begun with lines by John Denver, this poem sees me going back to earlier notions of having a "Tracey" in my life - a name from the Wilbur Smith novel Diamond Hunters

388 Flaws →

Crazy thoughts as I come to terms with what a dear friend meant to me who left this world altogether too soon.

387 Days →

A note to a friend to enjoy life and life true to his inner calling as he lives a family life and raises 2 boys.

386 Elements →

Offering some sagacious advice to a friens, "know boundless and uttermost delight - Strive on until the kingdom is won by your toil and your might"

385 Stop →

For a friend on his engagement, a request of the world to "stop" and take cognizance of these two youngsters falling in love.

384 Truly →

Reflecting on a friend and how her poise could be the very stuff of the universe

383 Ingenuity →

Written for a friend and engineer, as she steers her dynamic alumnni team to the background as they make way for a new one

382 Janavi →

Whispering my philosophy on marriages at a dear friend's cousin's wedding

381 Hold →

I very short sentences, this poem is best summed up in this line "We are not here overlong, so sing out loud and strong"

380 Dust →

The poet and the friend keep chatting as she complains about her "mate" and he offers different perspectives, for hes seen this couple up close and knows what they mean to each other

379 Times →

I'll let this cute line invite you to this poem - "I remember clarion clear your hands upon my cheek - clasping, as we set out to make Hermes and Aphrodite blush at our verse"

378 Cry →

Sometimes the poet misses to catch the sentiment because of the stereotype... This about a parinful youngster who'se missing her father and whose family is drowning in sorrow over it. Glad to say, its not the case in this one valiant family

377 Pat →

Another fiercely romantic poem, I this, I say "Do come back and abide in these lonely arms that ache for your Touch"

376 Aspirations →

Feeling lost, I soon pick up my spirits as I think of my gurus and their legacy

375 Prettiest →

A sudden yearning for a girl I once knew and how maybe in an alternate lifetime we could have had a future

374 Moonlight →

A random feel good poem I wrote about myself after a long chat with a dear old friend

373 Steel →

About the steel we find in people and how they, as a brook, goes on calm and serene, gathering the rain, even the unclean

372 Gentle Eyes →

For another friend who misses his father and thinks of his own mortality, realizing the "the best part of life Is over"

371 Mindful →

As my friend marks her mothers first death anniversary, written in the first person with immense feeling

370 Echoes →

Thoughts at a sacred place where children are being taught vedic hymns and in conversation with one of their teachers

369 Neat →

Written for a young girl who wants to turn healer and trying to offer her some perspective

368 Import →

Flow of thoughts at a Yagnashala or place where a ritual offering was being made to the divine, and a friend was addressing the students there

367 My Soldier →

Written for a friend from sweet 17 - oh how we danced

366 Forgiving →

Written about the story a friend and filmmaker had just made about compassion and forgiveness in the atrocities of war

365 Sangeeth →

Written for my friend's best friend and life partner, with much feeling and good wishes

364 Marble →

Random poem written when I was high to prove I could make anything rhyme

363 Verna →

About the old indic thought of gradations in colour of the modes of nature in people. Written for a friend who is researching it

362 Change →

Random thoughts from the parents and brother of a friend on his wedding evening as I drew them into intimate conversation

361 Nani →

I want to break fre but it seems i lack the nerve, lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve.

360 Full Circle →

Rise we then from ashes, but fall we shall to dust - have we come full circle?

359 Tether2 →

After all what fun is life unless we have each otheras tether.. So make a stand to uplift each other.

358 Four →

I want to break free but it seems I lack the nerve, lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve.

357 Ground Zero →

As I hit "ground zero" at ByTwo Studios, this medley sees me trying to set words to the tune of 5 different Pink Floyd Songs

356 Waves Felt →

A tribute to the nearly 30 girls and women in my life, weaving them into a single tapestry, seemingly addressing a single / a few people.

355 Life2 →

To sum life up, I simply say "To know her pain is also to know her high - ya? So try to dig deep for her buried treasure"

354 Dawn3 →

As a friend comes to a crossroads, my trying to give her courage and resolve. Happy to say shes already well on the mend.

353 Uma →

Another realization with regret that I can be a better son / nephew instead of neglecting / being gruff and terse. Ends with an imperative to "drop what your doing and show family LOVE not fuss"

352 Courage →

A from the heart confession about my less than perfect self / appreciation for the family that loves and supports me.

351 Rain →

About a long awaited rain - a plea and prayer for it to fall - but with romantic overtones

350 Kindness →

Written with a friend as reminder for him / all of us to be kinder to ourselves as we celebrate our children's lives.

MSA, 10 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

349 Let Go2 →

This one about letting go our lower tendencies and living in the light

Anees, 7 Jul 2021
French, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

348 Madame →

Written for my French Teacher, 25 years after she began to teach us in school, this poem soon to be translated to English

MSA, 5 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

347 Sincerity →

Embodying a future spirit, this poem speaks of desirable qualities, offering hope that "just when your faith is flagging, an angel appearing... Out of nowhere will give you a boost and you the pinnacle will surmount"

346 Sorrow2 →

With an aside to the sorrow and grief I've seen, I finally advise the dedicated to "Know that in the end you'll find the way back to God - Upbraid him for neglecting you"

Self, 1 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

345 Hey You →

Using the Imperative - "Hey You", this poem addresses humanity from the viewpoint of 5 different spiritual figures.

Let's Plant Mangoes

Bidisha, 20 Jun 2021
Nature, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

344 Let's Plant Mangoes →

For a young girl Stuti who is fond of nature

Bidisha, 12 Jun 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

343 Why Not →

Sharing a friend's frailer moment

342 More Goodness →

For an old friend as she turns a year older

341 Mamma →

For a young girl Stuti who just dotes on her mother.

340 Daivism →

For a newly met friend while contemplating on the divine and what life has in store for those who serve.

Ali, 1 Jun 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

339 Twenny Four →

About a friend whose stood by me "we barely know how to cry... And wash away the nightmares in our dark past... Has the time come to grow in the light at last"


Raji, 16 May 2021
Birthdays, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

338 Submission →

For an aunt who has few rivals when it comes to devotion and poise. And how I want her to inspire my students to live in God's Peace and Love.


Reuben, 15 May 2021
Grief, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

337 Reunited →

For a dear friend upong the loss of his uncle... Triggered a powerful emotion and thought for all the people we love and the longing to be reunited with them.

336 Teach →

For a dear teacher friend of mine, on her birthday

A Sparrow Falls

Sama, 11 May 2021
Daivic, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

335 A Sparrow Falls →

A painful reminder as to how many lives we are losing in this pandemic and how we feel each death so poignantly. Ends with a word of comfort to those in the line of fire.

Monty's Cry

334 Monty's Cry →

If life is a test, we need to up the ante and SOMEHOW learn to lead a FULL LIFE, letting the past go and fighting to get into gear.

Sandra, 24 Apr 2021
Romance, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

333 Blow →

When losing a parent, we hit a new low and our feelings get all jammed up. How will this raw grief bring about a catharsis for us?


Self, 21 Apr 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

332 Pray →

Like the masters say - we should FREE ourselves from all LIMITATIONS and SOAR ON HIGH in SERVICE to the DIVINE.

Kavitha, 12 Apr 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

331 Care →

I worry about you sometimes ,hope i can be therein some small way,while you do your best to be well.

Self, 4 Apr 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

330 Grew →

When losing a parent, we hit a new low and our feelings get all jammed up. How will this raw grief bring about a catharsis for us?

329 Summer →

Remember our time is short,so spend it well,let our children dance in the light,weave a spell.

328 Licked →

Have faiththe game is not overyetand beg that deep within-your heart courageously holds sway.

Tracey, 31 Mar 2021
Children, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

327 Worries →

Dont worry dear parents, all things are covered in the grand circle of life.

326 Rappo →

Then came Rappo who, with concern gave us a leg up Provided our basics so I could learn without hiccup.

Tracey, 29 Mar 2021
Romance, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

325 Holiday →

Is there a girlto push me to the brink of what i am capable of?

Narayan, 22 Mar 2021
Nature, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

324 Skandan →

The trees are fully in bloomfilling the airwith nature's perfume.

Matter or Spirit

MSA, 21 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

323 Matter or Spirit →

Imploring us to fashion things with our own hands and be filled with passion - for that is when spirit arises in matter.

Self, 19 Mar 2021
Strength, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

322 Redound →

He'd a special work that to the lord would redoundthe timeless work of the GITA,UNITING HIS ONLY MISSION.

321 Seeking →

Consciousness is experience itself and is just another name for the soul.

Self, 19 Mar 2021
Strength, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

320 Run On Empty →

Run on Empty folks, the time is near, when all we need are the unfettered mind and a fierce valiant spirit.

Shobi, 15 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

319 No Quit →

last year i prayed that you be strong and resilient with no quit in you unbreakable like adamantine.

318 Pandu →

Pandu - I often think of this noble soul who orchestratd the highs of many a person and team.

Anusha, 11 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

317 Purchase →

I wish more of ou friendswould grassp the essence of life,learning to live it most merrily.

316 Hands →

37 years have left him bone weary, he now begs a saviour to walk together.


315 Waves2 →

Father come back and kiss me gently and put your arms around me.

314 Shoots →

I've searched for a woman to love till eternity,now tim to discover what is serenity.


Anusha, 1 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

313 Time2 →

all it asks is our poise total and absoluteamidst the uproar and the noise.

Anusha, 28 Feb 2021
Children, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

312 Online Education →

it will stop us all from just going through the motions Instead grind us all until we've made our kid's life into bliss


Anusha, 26 Feb 2021
Grief, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

311 Catharsis →

When losing a parent, we hit a new low and our feelings get all jammed up. How will this raw grief bring about a catharsis for us?

Ali, 26 Feb 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

310 Reach →

I keep planting seeds of brotherly caring,but it falls on deaf ears,dont they cry at another's grieif, one that's so painful.

Reza, 23 Feb 2021
Nature, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

309 Sunshine Wiggle →

Seemingly disjointed, but a record of ideas from my cousin, woven into thoughts

Reza, 21 Feb 2021
Friends, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

308 Gaps →

There's gaps in the attention we get from parents when we grow up and there is intellectual chasms and bridges to cross.

Anusha, 15 Feb 2021
Teamwork, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

307 Ooruni →

The farm has an old worldand rustic charm, a certain serenity about the place.

Narayan, 14 Feb 2021
Nature, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

306 Farm Visitors →

The call of birds weave their bright magic upon our soul, the city couldnt mend us but now out here we're whole.

MSA, 15 Sep 2020
Daivic, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

305 WOW →

I'll help you instead of reeling from the light.

Anusha, 12 Feb 2021
Strength, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

304 Void →

To explode into action, fill the void and be merry in any weather.

MSA, 11 Feb 2021
Daivic, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

303 Devakalam →

Look to your lordand let hisheaven manifest faster.

Anusha, 10 Feb 2021
Children, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

302 Kids →

Help our kids develop their talents,smoothly change their gears.

Carolyn, 26 Jan 2021
Family, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

301 Knit Knit →

About knitting memories inthe tapestry of lives,this poem tells of granny who lived through ww II but whose spirit remained unconquered till the end and who left me a number of things each of which rekindles a treasured moment

300 Country Roads →

Thinking of me the programmer building an app a whole country could use - "Think of transparency, mutual good will and sincerity as paramount... And imagine if technology could in this serve as our mount"

299 Ten Points →

RD - Romance: "I can love you forever, show I'm made of tender stuff... As causes a symphony of joy to course within you... 10 points lover, and let each day bring me nearer to you"


298 Umbrella →

Wriiten when a matriarch was called to Eden above and how her Umbrella continues to protect her family.

297 My Prayers →

About the same mother - "My prayers that you grow into a source of delight soon... A girl I saw a spark of as her healing put us on the moon"

296 The Blues →

About a mother and son who "Together they help people find a way out of any malady... That wisdom or vidya is her gift to times such as these"

295 Roots →

Thinking of the women I have loved. I try not to let it show, but theres pain all over. "A friend with a silver tongue wished me good company... But that ended in disaster, I have since willed my way on"

294 Mettle →

For a friend and her son who "We're a simple folk, firm as bedrock is our faith in the One... Who will show us a way, help us bid our past a firm adieu"

293 Garden →

Yavanna - Garden reminded my of the Mrityunjaya mantra and God begging us to have a "victory over death by being in the present... Being ready to leave, grasping onto life which was heaven sent"

292 Appa →

For my parents - "So fragile our dreams when we know not the way... Today, I am cleansed and freed of a self neglecting past"

291 Closer to Believing →

Ah, the thrill of meeting a kindred spirit - "Did you grab the opportunities that came your way to express love... Did your heart sometimes expand and soar up to the skies above"

290 Heal The World →

Written for my mother as I come to terms with a grumpy past - "What we all need is a little more patience, understanding and love... We need to plant these as seeds and saplings in Mother Earth's grove"

289 Toys →

Written in the horror of seeing a youngster playing shooting and killing games, I was reminded of the Robin Williams movie Toys

288 Needs →

Same Group - "I swear to thee, this above all... We need to learn to stand tall... For this world needs giants again... People who serve with no thought for gain"

287 Band of Poets →

On a WhatsApp group, I began with "I joined a group of people - we all shared one thing in common... 'Twas a love of words, words that spoke to a body's heart... We drenched ourselves in poetry for that fueled our imagination... We'd speak of the human condition - this dialogue was our art"

Father Mine

286 Father Mine →

Written as I painfully miss my dad and want to have him back so we can both "serve humanity" as we individually strove to do so.

285 Mistreated →

Ah, dear Soph - "No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror... There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on"

284 Strength2 →

How I look forward to knowing you better - "Stand forth to center and be called out in loving honour... You stand tall, dwarving us with your immense stature... I've been jaded by the wall of pain that surrounds all... The people I love, perhaps it's my turn to stand tall!"

283 Rent Asunder →

A much needed low propelled by a dear friend.

282 I saw you Cry →

For a friend who was broken down.

281 Do Well →

Written the day we performed special prayers, our spirit is to: "We stand apart in our promise to deliver a high standard... Of quality, we work hard to give what we said we would... We're quick to support a colleague, we're never wayward... Instead our concern for living beings touches as it should."

Rock Bottom

280 Rock Bottom →

For a friend who was feeling low, in the hope that he will cause a change in the trend.

279 December →

On the Occasion of my cousin Shoaib's wife's birthday.

278 Covid Times →

2020 with its pandemic in perspective - "We're done with the old ways of utter callousness and unfeeling... Being cooped at home, we've gotten past crazy and begun healing... It's a little rough but we're now starting to appreciate family... There's been friction but we learn to enjoy the other's gaiety"

277 Fluid →

Written for a friend who had just given a presentation on the Bhagaavd Gita, that vehicle of Old Indian Wisdom.

276 Again →

A poem that touches raw on the feelings spouses go through when theyre rejected and have little chance to reflect on their own feelings.

275 Bittersweet →

A song of grief written for a friend who just lost her mother.

274 The Teacher Within →

In gratitude for teachers and they joy they must feel watching their wards grow.

273 Carte Blanche →

Jointly written as an engagement gift for my cousin Shoaib. They both very sweetly wrote their own poems with the words we chose to write with that night.

272 Desiderata →

When a friend (Mustafa) caught me at an emotional moment.

271 This Man's Best Friend →

Incomplete poem about my best friend and his wish to be reborn a puppy.

Sun and Sea

270 Sun and Sea →

A mashup poem on the joy we can all face as I write snippets on different friend's walls.


269 Sensitives →

On how a brighter future is possible if we let breathe the sensitive side inside us.

The Van

268 The Van →

If evolving is a struggle, this poem sees me coming to terms with my part as an observer, not a doer. The vanguard or fountainhead of human progress.

Power Supreme

267 Power Supreme →

A prayer for the power to go out and do good in this world.

Adept at Soulstuff

266 Adept at Soulstuff →

About a kid who wants to be a teacher and joins the fray - the fray to yieldmore.


265 Unification →

Underscores the need for warming to each other's troubles and dissolving boundaries. Dedicated to the Father of the Indian Nation.

Gibran and I

264 Gibran and I →

About how a poet can listen, evoke feelings and help cure the maladies of the world.

Black and White

263 Black and White →

For a dear friend on the occasion of his book launch.


262 Careworn →

About a man whose spent and feeling a little careworn.

Dear Friend

261 Dear Friend →

On the occasion of my friend Melissa's birthday.

Dear Teacher

260 Dear Teacher →

In gratitude for Teachers, with the hope that ill make a good one some day.

Dear Mother

259 Dear Mother →

For the Mother Foundation and how Mother Earth would want us to be.


258 Joy2 →

On the occasion of my friend Reggie's wedding


257 Adesh →

Requesting the Lord to command us to be good and amicable to one another.

Cry Peace

256 Cry Peace →

A loud rallying call to establish peace, dedicated to my pastor Gary

Dear John

255 Dear John →

On the occasion of my friend John's birthday


254 Troubled →

For 3 friends who are all finding themselves in difficult / estranged relationsships

Sprout Please

253 Sprout Please →

A poem for my co-founder Sundaram and the company we hope to build

Embrace the Morrow

252 Embrace the Morrow →

A poem that begs us to brood not in the past (when we were in love). "I know its not easy but on letting go, we're choosing life - And not dwelling unnecessarily on highs from our past - Letting go is healing, the past cut away as by a knife - Instead we focus on the now and build a future to last"

My Maker

251 My Maker →

Dhala Sr - Written from the viewpoint of the dear departed, comforting us that death was just a passing. "Know life as wondrous, full of it's ups and downs - Be inspired to live in the memory of loved ones - Our Maker you will join one day, so try and find - Your rhythm in this life - just quieten the mind"

Ali, 11 Oct 2020
Friends, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

249 Dear Brothers →

For four very dear friends who wished the best for me and how its time for me to stop playing the victim and instead come into my own

Uma, 27 Sep 2020
Family, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

248 Footsteps →

A touching poem about my mother and how I ask her to "Grant a poet his place in dreaming of tomorrow"


247 Niggle →

Inspired by a Tolkien story about a painter Niggle and how his art transformed the afterlife

246 Warm →

One of the last romantic poems I would write for a girl that filled my weaking moments for a long while, thought we were never together as the poem suggests

245 Wish On →

Various wishes as I think of the big blue world and beg it to "wish on"

244 Strength →

Written for a friend whose mother is suffering with cancer.

243 The Conjurer →

For a friend, now turned healer - "I say join her even if your body and will are broken, with healing hands necessary to make you whole - she'll strive non stop"

242 Soul2 →

Written on All Soul's Day after a visit to my father's grave. For grieving families everywhere.

241 Candles in the wind →

Ramesh Jagtiani - A moving poem written when a friend's father passed away - a caring gentleman who was a source of delight to his friends and community

240 Redford →

A medley written for Robert Redford telling his story from the point of view of his movie titles and characters

239 Rainbow →

Written as a friend and I set out to build a company and "let's boldly set out to see just what it is we can do, to leave this world better, like a whiff of mountain dew"

God, 28 Dec + 9 Aug 2020
Spirit, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

238 Dance →

the Dancer within

237 Pep →

On friendship, making the most of life and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams

236 My Love →

Going down memory lane I recall my happy moments with my loved one,and knowing now that she will not come back,move on and not despair.

Vichu, 31 Jul 2020
Family, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

235 Time →

Touch and tasteeach feeling and I promise you'll find that life is worth living.

234 Going the distance →

let your dreams hold sway,be prepared to go the distancefor then will life have deep resonance.

233 Canada →

Canada, help us take a giant leap forward, and dream, until in delight we scream.

232 Cat →

I saw a cat on th e terrace ,i wanted to shoutwith delightfor i love animalswith all my heart.

231 Jump →

Incidents like these give us pause to rflect on thingsand remember how precious life is to one and all.

Self, 28 Jun 2020
Healing, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

230 Boy Interrupted →

I sem to falterlord,do show me grace and the strength to go on,fight a little every day.

229 Bleed →

for Countries torn apart

228 Closer →


Ali, 18 Jun 2020
Friends, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

227 Help Me →

You fill the role of an honest ,insightful well-wisher,you 've helped me rethink my ideas so thy can last.

Self, 30 May 2020
Healing, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

226 Spent →

I am more mindfulof my thoughtsnow,I pray all the time that things will become better.

225 Changing Times →

Jointly with Meggha

224 Goodness →

You do help people walk boldlywhen they falter,your goodness shines bright 'helping them alter.

223 Perfect Again →

some friends make life something to look forward to,don't evergo again.

222 Haafiz Prays →

Saakhib - Rules abound that bring out the best social order,guided by an inner peace,there's rarely disorder.

221 Sweet →

with Longing

220 My Papa Never Said →

There's things I never learnt to say or see but papa, I am grateful for all that I got from Thee.

219 Work with us →

Show them how to constantly drive

218 One →

One day I hope to understandwhat it is to be a father and also to take the loss of your near and dear ones and not be devastated.

217 Get Going →

The best way to lead is by example, so remember to intervene with kindness and patience tiill the lessons are clear in the wrongdoer's mind.

216 Dawn2 →

The poet and his loved one together discover their inner selvesand set an example to others what to treasure in humanity.

215 Namazi Senior →

It wasn't till the last four yearsthat i spoke of being broken upon the rocks of life,was when i sensed your strength.

214 Lament →

Another loss i cannot bear,my eyes go moist and teary,but he 's lived a full life-brought comfort to the weary.

213 Friends3 →

I thank her for her words of wisdom from which I keep remembering that life is best lived with utmost feeling.

Women, 14 Apr 2020
Music, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

212 Jukebox →

Some people sleep alonenot taking a lover to bed - when will I stop this jukebox,find someone to wd.

211 Maya →

for Maya and Shabana

209 My Will →

About corrupt politicians


207 Connected →

So verdant they are that my heart is set a tingling... I feel a love emanating for all of God's creation... The night sky and silvery moon sets me singing... With the smell of Earth and Nature, I feel an elation...

206 Someone to watch over me →

"I'm glad you won me over as you stood the test of years... I now let go of my fears and grow up, enriched by my tears"

205 Let go →

I fel tender loving care for every last of earth creatureslet us all join togetherand be the world's teachers.

The power is yours

203 Gizmo →

I cry now when I think of those fifteen years, how you showed how deeply you cared.

202 Hurt →

Fill our hearts with peace and warmth - lord lead the way - help quell the turmoil, release us from the bitter fray.

201 Bless Me →

Bless me father for i purport to build a field of dreams,i wish to srve with arms wide,so grant me your grace.

200 Bliss →

This poem is about a friend's brother, a boy who had a heart of gold.

199 Warriors →

Wake up and live ecstatic, Life can be fantastic.

198 Ace →

Has a year passed since from our midst you bid adieu.

197 Victory →

Time to up the ante and do justice to life.

196 Mothers Love →

Me the apple of her eye,she certainly my tether.

195 Tracey →

Thank you for a lifetime,come and lets have fun.

194 Heaven →

Family unit is the building block of the future - For Suzie

193 New Dreams →

Looking forward to making new dreams last.

192 Perfection2 →

Of standing tall no matter th worry or ordeal.

191 Sway →

You were my dawn,come back and see if you can resurect what little is left of me.

190 Pliable →

All i have to beis pliable at a well-wishers touch.

189 Dawn →

On this pristine world your blessings send,O lord


188 Hills →

I constantly think of you,my pulse begins to race.

187 America →

Let's flush out the negative toxins and exercise our collective will

186 Forever →

A girl to be with forever,who'll weave magic till eternity.

185 Non Duality →

For Pranav - "Advaita I wish will reveal its secrets to he who holds the primal sound... And see the other side as Ananda leaves us spell bound"

184 Lonely →

when beside me you will once again run.

183 Edible →

Lift me,take this battered heart of mine and make it sing

182 Dregs →

Its time to let go of the pastand come back to life

181 Boyo →

Sripriya - So much romance, so little remains... "Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind - Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind".

180 Stillness →

Remember that in silence lies the potential of the morrow


179 Niyat →

What we get with the right Niyat or Intention


178 Mountains →

On International Mountain Day. A quick reference to Tolkien too.

177 Song of Life →

Grace my heart with the power of your feet

Almost Paradise

176 Almost Paradise →

A note to heal for a friend

175 No More Sadness →

RD - What wonder its been to have your love shine on me.

174 Kiss Kiss →

RD - Dance for me baby.


173 Heal →

A long note on not caring about the world or feeling down but to let go the thoughts and HEAL.

172 Life →

Short it is

171 Mend →

wonder when beside me you will once again run.

170 Roll →


169 Castles →


168 Yesterday →

I hate to have to bid adieu

166 Promise2 →

I wonder if we will se the splendour of friendship forged strong enough to ride the storms of any weather.


165 Father →

Heaven knows I try to make you proud of me.

164 Lord →

Sripriya - Grace my heart with the power of your feet

163 Pains →

Learn fast before it is too late

162 Ark →

Let's work to build a lifeof plenty.

161 IMU →

Opportunities may not always come again

160 Krishna →

Krishna - for a trainer I met - condensing his 10-point philosophy

159 Wet →

This ones kinda graphic and has an R rating

158 Longing →

For a past love

157 Return →

Not returned, return (to me)

155 Waves →

Choosing between lover and my paper children

154 Lifes Mission →

When requested by a friend to make a poem on death

153 Stormbringer →

When requested by a friend to make a poem on death

151 Cretins →

About people we shouldn't wanna emulate

Rahul, 29 Aug 2019
Grief, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

150 Loss →

For my friend who lost his father

Tarun, 21 Aug 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

149 A house blessing →

For that couple again

Friend in Thee

Ali, 21 Aug 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

148 Friend in Thee →

For a newmade friend and mentor

Unnamed, 19 Aug 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

147 Super You →

DL - There it is, right on my sleeve!

Tarun, 18 Aug 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

146 Weaverbirds →

For a couple I know. Begins with some random stuff

145 Oh Father →

After losing my father

144 Hugs →

wishing a friend a new chapter,to make her life splendid and super

Anusha, 23 Jul 2019
Grief, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

143 Blood Warriors →

for Charmaine, Tahereh, Patricia and Hema

Shobi, 15 Jul 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

142 Smile →

It's time to get the mix right, then explode like dynamite!

Sandra, 15 Jul 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

141 Memory →

For a past love - Yesterday I remembered you [memory]

Nessa, 14 July 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

140 Inspire2 →

Ah, to be in love again!

God, 3 June 2020
Devotional, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

139 Thanksgiving →

Thanking my father for being my beacon of hope and source of refuge

Vichu, 31 May 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

138 Vichu →

Hope time heals

Shobi, 31 May 2019
Birthdays, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

137 Niha →

for a friend's daughter that I used to know well 2 years ago

136 Neelu →

for my friend's son, on his 3rd birthday

Venka, 31 May 2019
Birthdays, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

135 Advaith →

For my cousin, on his birthday

Simon, 23 May 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

134 Fresh Air →

Another poem from the Imagine series

133 Mystic River →

THRK - For a friend who was abused at a tender age

Raji, 14 May 2019
Birthdays, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

132 Raji →

For a friend's mother (2 days before her birthday)

131 Kiss And Make Up →

Small bit of prose written on my father's last birthday

Vichu, 9 May 2019
Grief, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

130 Charmaine →

For a friend's mother - griefstruck her family was when she passed away in 2011

129 Healers Creed →

To find healing in this world

Enid, 7 May 2019
Children, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

128 Mark and Mandy →

About 2 children, named after Enid Blyton's characters

Simon, 2 May 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

127 Humanity →

On building a peaceful world as we find our “humanity”

Simon, 26 Apr 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

126 Planetary Healing →

Another poem in the Imagine series

Veena, 26 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

125 Friendship →

A friend I've written on friendship about before

Dr Mahdi, 26 Apr 2019
Grief, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

124 Sorrow →

For my teacher's son, shortly before losing my own father

123 Distance →

For that platonic friend of mine who suffered distance too

Nessa, 26 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

122 Madly →

Opening lines from the Savage Garden song

Sandra, 26 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

121 Healed →

Looking back to the past and letting go


120 Listen →

Romantic poem for a girl I was never interested in :)

Women, 26 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

119 Sunlight →

RD - Sanskrit words from a prayer that reminds me of her

Sandra, 26 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

118 Rhythm →

Title and opening line inspired by Air Supply

Women, 26 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

117 You →

RD - The romance continues

Nessa, 26 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

116 Thirsty →

The romance continues

Women, 23 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

115 Flamingoes →

About 4 women in my (recent) life.

Bhavana, 14 Apr 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

114 Energy Healing →

Written with 2 teachers and 2 students at a healing workshop

Biraja, 12 Apr 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

113 Truth Beauty →

For my friend and founder of the Build India Group

Simon, 12 Apr 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

112 Fight2 →

Another poem on Societal Liberation (Imagine)

Simon, 12 Apr 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

111 Enough →

First (planned) poem of the Imagine Series

110 Choose Life →

For a friend who was feeling low and despondent

Sandra, 12 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

109 Maia →

Full of feelings, this one after accepting that we could just be friends. Maia (divine race) of Tolkien. "When do we get back to when our lives had art - As on afternoons we spoke happily with nary a care"

Sandra, 12 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

108 Dear Lover →

Introducing a [then] current interest to a dear old friend. "Whose smile could lift my mood, make me go around - Any obstacle that life threw at me, peace pervaded me".

Nessa, 12 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

107 Heal Your Heart →

Poem to a loved one. "feel sweet and smooth - And complete as we set out to hew a way - Be sure to learn fast as music we do play".

God, 12 Apr 2019
Imagine, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

106 Mon Dieu →

About that cosmic divine. "As Kala and Bhairava does He make ours - A place of surpassing beauty, enter our nests - And reveal Himself at the Kernel of Bliss" (Anandamayakosha).

Nessa, 12 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

105 Sweetest Heart →

Another Romantic Poem that caught me by surprise. "A fount of blessings from which to divine - My way forward, oh you like summer wine"

104 Superman →

Wondering if I can ever be as cool as my father. "As time and again I realise he is the best of us - What can I say except papa I'll do my best in life".

Unnamed, 10 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

103 Grief →

DL - A cause to reflect on another's pain. "But in my heart I think I'll always know strife - As it ruins loved ones, cuts like a knife".

Nessa, 9 Apr 2019
Romance, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

102 Beacon →

Short Romantic Poem. "... That makes my heart flutter ever so soft as at dawn - When a million buttercups open and birds begin their song".

101 Soul →

About the soul in us all - title inspired by the Clarkson book "I know you got soul". = "Our creator asks us only to be mindful of his majesty - Which is without and exceeds the universe so let him be - Chained to us"

100 Joyland →

With members of Lodge Mt Charity - a very special poem written with some very elevated friends.

Nessa, 6 Apr 2019
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

99 Tonight →

Inspired by the Kenny Roger's song We've got tonight. "Lend your love to me tonight for love we want to share - Make every minute count as into your eyes I stare".

98 Louise →

Written together by 8 healers who follow Louise Hay. "I experience the beauty of the universe with love and joy - I set out to win it all with a loud yell of ahoy".

God, 30 Mar 2019
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

97 Fight →

Live Valiant! "Guess I should, if I could go out and fight - For the victory of Good - fight with all might".

Gypsy, 28 Mar 2019
Devotional, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

96 Woven →

About Agape again. Love for all of creation. "Father, lover, friend, teacher daily your face changes - As we find new expressions to simply love in all hues".

Nessa, 20 Mar 2019
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

95 Captured Heart →

Think again Imran! "Methinks we're destined to be utterly entwined - A love that engulfs us both, holding us enshrined".

94 Wie Lieben Dich →

On finding a higher purpose than war. "We've always killed the very best of humanity... Where men gather together to teach Love's gospel - Come let's unite now, cast together our own spell"

Gypsy, 26 Feb 2019
Devotional, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

93 Still Loving You →

About Agape (The Love for all that Consumes). "Things desired for all creatures great and small - That reflect the spirit of the God who made them all"

Nessa, 13 Dec 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

92 Nymphs and Angels →

So much romance, so little remains... "Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind - Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind".

Rahul, 12 Dec 2018
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

91 Plug Away →

Filled with positivity and an impelling towards action. "The man of purpose never falls from the virility of youth - Builds a life that exemplifies virtue, nixes the uncouth".

Reuben, 11 Dec 2018
Imagine, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

90 Wake Up →

Jointly, Sons of God - wake up and life the Life Divine. "Why does none fight for the very principle of right - Sons of God wake up, live the good life and in might".

89 Time travelling →

Jointly, Outside Auroville. "Come back and let's build that tomorrow - A vision so fierce as to fill our marrow - Remember our true path as once we were led - Blood sweat and tears, so easily shed".

Tarun, 30 Nov 2018
Friends, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

88 Tarun →

For a friend. "Watch as yon fledgeling finds some heaven in the sky - Straps to pull us up when life boots us in the backside".

Gypsy, 10 Nov 2018
Birthdays, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

87 Wonder →

Wonder, for a very special woman. "hear an old clock chime - As it turns midnight with the promise of turning dreams true - Dreams you held on to for a long time, that reach out and touch you".

86 Light2 →

About the indian festival of light - Diwali from the epic the Ramayana. In the end, I mention Tolkien and his own epic, oft read and deeply moving.

85 Beaten →

A different perspective on domestic abuse. "I saw the boy behind the monster crying out desperate - To be held in someone's regard, again by life to be tested".

Women, 5 Nov 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

84 Woman →

REG - Woman of yester dreams. "And how that love runs true in every fibre of our being - A being that echoes the fragrance of the cosmic scene".

Simon, 26 Oct 2018
Imagine, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

83 Love Our Nature →

For Simon of, a poem on unity. "I saw the world as one one night - No more wars, no waking in fright - Long and hard we had dreamed - Wake up and unite, we screamed".

Women, 19 Oct 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

82 Sadness →

RD - Fiction, for a couple in love. "A surety that his love would stay on target, unerring as a dart - As close as two friends could get, there from the very start".

81 NARMI →

Imran (written backwards). "Queer his friends regarded him - a nutcase but good hearted - Who dreamt to change the world lest his dreams be thwarted".

Nessa, 8 Oct 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

80 Taken →

Romance, too much time on my hands late at night. "still they wanted to be - Finding a bliss like grace from our maker above".

Sandra, 30 Sep 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

79 Starburst →

"Heart to heart, body to body. A torch - To bear testament to the love we share - In all the seasons with us without a care".

Sandra, 15 Sep 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

78 Joy →

Too bad it was all imaginary. "And in that winter, beside a warm ember - That hearth of ours where we make love - Meld our bodies till all our worries dissolve".

77 Sculpting →

Jointly on Brotherly Love


Simon, 26 Aug 2018
Imagine, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

76 2018 →

2018 and it's 5 preceding years - for Sahlan, Imran, Biraja & Simon

Anusha, 26 Aug 2018
Friends, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

75 Resilience →

Paraphrasing Bryan Adams' Star in this line "Dont give up, dont look back, theres a silver lining, its out there somewhere - We need a shining star to depend on, so shine forth and find the star in there".

World, 19 Aug 2018
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

74 Promise →

Am slowly getting used to writing with words from other people. "Passion drives us - it's what makes the journey worth the while... Belief in oneself, trusting the outcome - even when we stumble".

73 Us not Them →

Me telling the tale of a couple - "Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers - Fair they made this world showing God's work amidst the diverse".

World, 20 Jul 2018
Criminals, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

72 Miscreants →

On Rape (not the excessively brutal kind). After we are done judging each other, gouging the others eye out and breaking their spirit, there I stand, waiting with loving arms to embrace all of humanity. As Rumi said... Beyond the rightness and wrongness of things...

God, 20 Jul 2018
Devotional, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

71 Cosmic Shiva →

For the Indian Trinity - shivA, vishnU, Maheshwara (AUM). "To love our neighbours and set all lower tendencies aside - Burn our ignorance with the awakening of the Guru inside".

Naz, 14 Jul 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

70 Fudge →

Too much romance for one night. But the flow is coming better. Wait till you reach 2020 :)

Srividya, 14 Jul 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

69 When To Dream →

This ones awkward. I gotta stop writing romance for people I know!

God, 30 Jun 2018
Devotional, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

68 Babble →

Rather Disjointed... Like the title says, its babble. If you ask, I can explain all the references. "A void thats no void at all but throbs in wonder - Creation, all of it - such cosmological splendour".

Vichu, 24 Jun 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

67 All My Loving →

Begins by addressing Tracey, a future love, but becomes an address for this friend I fell out with.

Tracey, 23 Jun 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

66 Well →

A well of love - "What of thou and I? where on Earth shall we begin? - To continue some connect, discover love amidst the din".

65 Turn That Page →

On Peace! - for Gene Rodenberry, creator of Star Trek - an imaginary future where we have conquered the lower tendencies and lead the Life Divine, beig kid and consisderate to one another.

Vichu, 6 Jun 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

64 Angels →

On the strain in relationships. "Why do we lose so consistently - When there's angels among us - Seems everything weve ever known is here - I never wanted it to die". That last bit from GnR

63 No More Cloudy Days →

For a friend from days past. Romanticized version "My inmost mind only you can read - As I find a joy that you can relight".

Women, 2 Jun 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

62 In My Life →

REG - For the Beatles Song "In My Life" and a short reflection on an early love of mine. "in love for the first time - A woman to ride beside in any sort of clime - Who looked at me to the depths of my very soul".

Raji, 16 May 2018
Birthdays, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

61 The Bhaktas →

For a friend's mother, on her birthday. A lady with unshakeable faith (Bhakta).

Women, 25 Apr 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

60 Teakliness →

TK - For a girl I used to be fond of. "Like two ships passing solemn in the night - What happened to our love that gently faded from sight".

59 Teach Us You Did →

For my Teacher - "Love me you did for all of mine upto now - My turn to spread the love I learnt from Thou".

Self, 11 Apr 2018
Devotional, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

58 Lord Scamp →

For animals and their power to intervene for us. "A grace from above that warms deep within - And touches to our marrow - a life truly blessed - To live on this Earth and on verdant greens run".

Sandra, 8 Apr 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

57 First Touch →

Based on a weird dream I had... For that passing ship that brought me Sleep Eros.

Vichu, 6 Apr 2018
Family, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

56 Friends Oughtnt Fight →

When I fought with a dear friend and asked "[Is there] No setting aside our cloak of bitterness?- Can you find it in your heart to forgive? - This madness that is my despair confounded".

55 What Time Remains →

A somber reflection on death. "Precious is each minute and content he - Who fills each one with sixty seconds - Worth of distance run".

Women, 6 Apr 2018
Music, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

54 Killing Time →

Another medley (a few love songs). "Hold me in your arms for just another day - I promise this one will go slow - Ah memory, guess you'll have to do"

Women, 6 Apr 2018
Music, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

53 Dear Lady →

A medley - Dear Lady [Can you hear the wind blow] [Led Zeppelin]. A tribute to the [many] love songs quoted from below.

God, 13 Mar 2018
Imagine, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

52 Field of Truth →

For people to explore and embrace their religious identity and "Do not sink to the level of the stereotype - Rather rise higher than the clouds above - Reach heaven, and touch God's face".

51 Boy →

For Bharath's son Tejas as I saw him when he turned a year old. "Strewn with moments sublime - An act of love, scented with caring - For all whom you meet and enliven".

Gypsy, 13 Nov 2017
Death, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

50 Prayer Rebirth →

At every death, there is cause to pause and reflect on these, it helps put living in perspective and to celebrate the time we have (left).

Shayesteh, 24 Dec 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

49 Go Back →

I was thinking about my father and how often we'd like to "Go Back" in time, especially when as we grow, we find relationships with loved ones strained.

God, 18 Dec 2017
French, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

48 Nos Animaux →

A poem in French about the animals and animal characters in my (younger) life.

To Hold

Tracey, 12 Nov 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

47 To Hold →

Wedding Vows (as to be expected - there wasnt even a girl on the horizon when I wrote this :p)

Tracey, 3 Nov 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

46 For AFT →

9 things I learned by loving (9 different women :). Written with a hope to leave the past in the past and look to the future...

45 Stormy →

Dedicated to Richard Bach, ispired by his character Stormy, who with her partner Strobe work to teach children by "Open[ing] their hearts to the glee of boundless flight - Supporting them so dearly with all of our might"

Sandra, 29 Sep 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

44 Fate →

Lost in time... "a love that engulfed us - through storm and rain that love animated me and was - a bulwark against the harsh world, cozy and secure".

43 Toi →

For my teachers Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, written at their ashram in Pondicherry. "We seem on the brink - of total annihilation our pilot extinguished with no time to pause and think - to follow our highest right as dictated by that voice from within".

Vasantha, 2 Sep 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

42 Music →

For my grandmother again - that carnatic vocalist of yester year. "music was in you its what gave your life soul - soul that rang true as a melody in a bowl".

Vasantha, 23 Aug 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

41 Maa →

On the death of my grandmother Vasantha whom we used to call Maa.

Women, 13 Aug 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

40 Dwell →

REG Ah, to be young and in love again... "methinks a partner is the best thing to keep - in sickness and in health, a spirit so deep - entrenched in your soul"

MSA, 7 Aug 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

39 Striving →

As the poem ends, it makes you ponder "in striving we find we've grown, our hearts widening, - our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering".

Tolkien, 6 Aug 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

38 Notables →

For Tolkien et alii - a tribute to books, movies and songs - hence the category Medley. "to rediscover the Flame Imperishable - set in the heart of every man able".

Veena, 6 Aug 2017
Friends, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

37 Friends2 →

For a dear old friend, in memory of good times and a imperative to "raise our glasses we did in toast - to a life from which we would wrest the most".

Women, 29 July 2017
Friends, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

36 Glimmer →

Sheeba - For a girl I met that evening, sitting quiet and not talking much - "It gets lonely sometimes as one waits - For love to come and flood the gates"

Sandra, 26 Jul 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

35 Light →

I think of those days I was rapt - "so deep the bond we lovingly forged - feel you beside me our lips engorged".

Sandra, 26 Jul 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

34 Once →

Now the memories are a tad painful... Here's to the love that never was! "spent in spirit but not wistful - for the next time I shall savour with care - every moment that two lovers can share" Did I even savour the next one?

Vasantha, 23 Jul 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

33 Sivam →

Devotional - For Mahakala and Mahakali (the Primal Aspects) - Lord and Queen of TIME. "reveal themselves they do to a few - seers and saints in every hue - to instill in us a sense of direction - to stay the course".

Srividya, 15 Jul 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

32 Tether →

Another fun romantic poem. This one sung by a friend while the ink was still drying.


Tracey, 23 Jun 2017
French, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

31 Mademoiselle →

A romantic poem in French about how "my days are incomplete without you - the nights without colour and alone".

Tracey, 19 Jun 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

30 Eros →

For Tracey again, this one ends with - "soaring on cupids wings, the couple would reflect - years later, on that love - so pristine and perfect".

Uma, 3 Jun 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

29 Inspire →

For my mother - "with her at my side, the battle of life to fight, saves me from danger, my anchor in any plight"

God, 3 Jun 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

28 Cycle →

Begins with a mention of the Indian God of Death - Yama, this one talks of the cycles of life and death - each one ending with a rebirth

God, 3 Jun 2017
Devotional, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

27 Touched →

One more of those devotional poems that talks of life, with "experiences so engraved in our minds - emotions that linger in all shapes and kinds".

Tracey, 25 Apr 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

26 Wistfulness →

Introducing Tracey (future imagined lover) - a character from Wilbur Smith's Diamond Hunters.

Gary, 25 Mar 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

25 A Friendly Nod →

America - On looking back to my time in Bellevue in Nov 2013 and how I was touched by so many people - receiving both positivity and encouragement.

God, 19 Mar 2017
Nature, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

24 Acres Wild →

Named for the Jethro Tull song, this poem tells of forests that "give a weary traveller rest", - those of us who "see acres wild, filled with the wonder of a child".

MSA, 19 Mar 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

23 Perfection →

Another poem in the Spirit series, Perfection tells us how life can be when we are inspired - "deep seated in our mind it liberates".


22 Dauntless →

For Bethany Nikka Ferret, character in Curious Lives, a bold, young and dashing adventurer - captain of the sea rescue boat - Resolute.

God, 12 Mar 2017
Devotional, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

21 The Path to God →

Describes God and the divinity within. A path to "guide the traveller to his journey's end".

MSA, 12 Mar 2017
Imagine, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

20 Teeming With Life →

How the world can be if Builders (Change Agents) were all given a chance to "reshape that stream of activity around us until the possibility of greatness is achieved".

MSA, 11 Feb 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

19 Love →

An earnest plea to love one another "for it is only when we express love that we become closer to our true self".

Shobi, 8 Feb 2017
Friends, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

18 Friends →

For a dear friend who I "thank for being steadfast in love for those are the very things - that makes us feel not like paupers but as kings".

God, 4 Feb 2017
Devotional, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

17 Doing →

About seeing life as a constant effort to Serve God through benevolence to his creatures.

Sama, 22 Jan 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

16 Muse Male →

Love, from a woman's eyes, for her man "whose graceful nature and toil, kept us in abundance and comfort".

God, 22 Jan 2017
Nature, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

15 Nature →

Beginning with romantic thoughts like "standing under a waterfall beside one you love", this poem ends with a call to have "deep wells of love, for the plants and animals that share this planet".

Jayan, 15 Jan 2017
Gratitude, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

14 Mentors →

For mentors who "push the boundaries of our abilities", a "chain of nurturers showing us the way".

Sama, 14 Jan 2017
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

13 Cousins →

A plea to cousins to treat each other well and accumulate good memories of "mischievous deeds and healthy fun".

Vichu, 31 Dec 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

12 Brother →

For my dearest friend whom I see like a brother.

God, 31 Dec 2016
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

11 Hope →

A message that Hope shalt spring, eternal in the human breast - and that we "live eternal in God's light of love".

Uma, 31 Dec 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

10 Infants →

About babies and how they can soothe our hearts. For my mother Uma.

God, 23 Dec 2016
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

9 Ebbs and Flows →

A plea to one and all to have enthusiasm in life to "flow through our niggles" and be "full of joy" despite the ups and downs.

Asha P, 15 Dec 2016
Gratitude, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

8 Sasha →

Dedicated to 5 of my school teachers, the poem ends with me yearning to join them behind the blackboard someday.

Self, 19 Nov 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

7 Son →

On myself, this tells a personal tale of my youth.

Uma, 12 Nov 2016
Family, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

6 Mother →

A tribute to mothers, especially mine - "lights that guide us through the dark".

Sandra, 10 Nov 2016
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

5 Sandra →

Another early romantic poem (they get better with time).

Gypsy, 10 Nov 2016
Birthdays, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

4 Wishes →

Birthday wishes for a good friend of mine. I usually send this out on birthdays along with a fresh poem.

Women, 13 Apr 2016
Romance, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

3 Sara →

Thought of in November, I wrote this to 4 women I loved greatly as if as one.

God, 26 Mar 2016
Gratitude, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

2 Thank You →

Inspired to write again after 3 years, this one simply shows gratitude to the Lord for things we behold.

God, March 2004
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

1 Amore →

An early poem and a wakeup for us all to see the beauty in life, overcome worry and live infused with love.

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