Latest works of me,
Imran Ali Namazi

Welcome to Imrans world!

At 40, I'm a programmer / team player and budding writer with a tonne of ideas. I'm looking to leave my shell and the nest to a degree and find new people.

We are after all travellers here never knowing when we shall find family in the next stranger we greet.

After spending the past 6 years writing my guts out until I found my equilibrium, I now say that I want collaborators, communities, speaking opportunities, to co-facilitate workshops, create more and be loved and accepted as a kid who just wants to be around people.

I have ideas for community spaces, peer healing and support groups, creative expression programmed for both children and adults and wish to engage with families that could / do see a little farther that those caught in the rat race.

When was the last time you felt elation to be where you are, to watch your children or family smile and to have the courage to step away from what you know, into the unknown.

There is a beautiful life awaiting us around the corner in the many processes and places that ucleave the spirit. So always remember who our mother is, treat her as DEAR and keep smiling.

Let your song trill across the galaxy - and BREAK FREE as you embrace the emotion and give in to the impulse to experience life on your terms.

NOW GO - the force is with you.