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I'm Imran - Programmer -> Dreamer -> Writer -> Doer.

Dear Visitor,

I'm Imran Ali Namazi. Wannabe Famous. I have spent a good amount of time reading books, watching movies and listening to songs. I've picked up on some interesting thoughts during this and am found to be a little different, sometimes even weird / not fully grounded in reality. Perhaps that's a good thing - dream a dream fierce enough, you CAN make it reality.

You are never given a wish without also the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it however.
~ Richard Bach, Illusions

A lot of us people have a lot of good hopes, wishes and dreams. I am here to state mine with the intent that it MAY inspire others to talk to one another and express themselves.

I am here to listen to your story and tell you mine, maybe even to tell your story a little [which I do for friends now and then]... to break bread with you and to entreat you to stand beside me as we find others with whom to share a vision and toil for the "improvement of the human condition". I've done little but talk about it, I hope that changes now, post 2020, as we all start to Get Going.

I did try my hand at building a website the likes of Wikipedia, but it didn't work out too well because I was young and silly and worked alone and too fast and wasnt doing my homework steadily. I did learn a lot, but for now I just want to build 1-1 relationships with people and share ideas, bringing each one to the next step / logical conclusion - to take baby steps as they say.

You will find my ideas and emotions pouring out if you read my 2 pieces Infused (250 poems) and Imagine (30 odd essays), the primary reason I am building this site. I am also preparing myself to conduct my first "spontaneous [/creative] expression" workshop but this is still a long way to go.

You can write to me or message me if you like anything here / want to challenge my notions.

Also, my entire bibliography is here.

Imran, Sep 2020