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524 Content →

Ambition vs Contentment - an Old Indic Wisdom perspective.

515 I Hope →

Hopes for a friend whose been there for me at some very tough times.

513 Through The Years →

Just a boy earnestly wishing to have a dear friend back.

MSA, 10 Jun 2023
Spirit, Weave and Wend Our Way | WORK: inspired

506 Weep →

Plea from a pacifist to humanity to spread love not be embroiled in hate.

498 Communities →

About the ups and downs of communities and the gleanings we can have from our elders.

496 Unfurl →

Celebrating as a friend "unfurls his flag" and sets out on a new adventure.

469 Born To Run →

We should only be grateful for the road brought us here, through good times and bad, now come dance and thrive.

468 My Robin →

For and to Todd Anderson, student in Dead Poets Society

465 The Poets Daemon →

Enough talk of daemons and sprites and spirits that would possess a poets imagination, lead him to daydream and continually obsess - What these fellows need is some strong grounding in reality.

449 Strength3 →

Genuinely asking a friend to share her thoughts and feelings as I realize everyone's life is in 3d - technicolor.

421 Galvanise →

"Just a change in our outlook as we ride the escalator to heaven... I may seem old and haggard, but I tell you I've much time well spent, In daring to plot the reform of tomorrow, plant a veritable Eden."

413 Warriors2 →

"So follow the impulse in your heart dear soldier, extend the olive branch... And let a new spirit of oneness take hold of this planet."

412 Believe →

"Instead walk in your shadow, fight at your side, retrain my thought... As the warp and woof of my constructs undergo a metamorphosis... And comes out refreshed by the tender and sheer force of your love."

400 Personae →

Thinking of the giants and personae (characters) in my lifetime reading fiction, I dedicated this to a friend who helped me mend. "I wait for the never ending story to lead a way out of hell, As I promised the Empress I'd create something special".

395 Hero →

About the important role some of us men play as Heroes in our children's lives - "We all feel a warm glow as you enter the room and greet us" - now go, have a ghand ball.

394 Human →

For a friend to dream and dare and in thanking for making me feel loved again, as we set out to "remind the world what it always knew - that acts of caring never go amiss"

381 Hold →

I very short sentences, this poem is best summed up in this line "We are not here overlong, so sing out loud and strong"

374 Moonlight →

A random feel good poem I wrote about myself after a long chat with a dear old friend

364 Marble →

Random poem written when I was high to prove I could make anything rhyme

358 Four →

I want to break free but it seems I lack the nerve, lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve.

355 Life2 →

To sum life up, I simply say "To know her pain is also to know her high - ya? So try to dig deep for her buried treasure"

352 Courage →

A from the heart confession about my less than perfect self / appreciation for the family that loves and supports me.

MSA, 10 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

349 Let Go2 →

This one about letting go our lower tendencies and living in the light

MSA, 5 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

347 Sincerity →

Embodying a future spirit, this poem speaks of desirable qualities, offering hope that "just when your faith is flagging, an angel appearing... Out of nowhere will give you a boost and you the pinnacle will surmount"

Self, 1 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

345 Hey You →

Using the Imperative - "Hey You", this poem addresses humanity from the viewpoint of 5 different spiritual figures.

Bidisha, 12 Jun 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

343 Why Not →

Sharing a friend's frailer moment

341 Mamma →

For a young girl Stuti who just dotes on her mother.

340 Daivism →

For a newly met friend while contemplating on the divine and what life has in store for those who serve.

Ali, 1 Jun 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

339 Twenny Four →

About a friend whose stood by me "we barely know how to cry... And wash away the nightmares in our dark past... Has the time come to grow in the light at last"

Kavitha, 12 Apr 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

331 Care →

I worry about you sometimes ,hope i can be therein some small way,while you do your best to be well.

Matter or Spirit

MSA, 21 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

323 Matter or Spirit →

Imploring us to fashion things with our own hands and be filled with passion - for that is when spirit arises in matter.

321 Seeking →

Consciousness is experience itself and is just another name for the soul.

Shobi, 15 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

319 No Quit →

last year i prayed that you be strong and resilient with no quit in you unbreakable like adamantine.

Anusha, 11 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

317 Purchase →

I wish more of ou friendswould grassp the essence of life,learning to live it most merrily.


315 Waves2 →

Father come back and kiss me gently and put your arms around me.


Anusha, 1 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

313 Time2 →

all it asks is our poise total and absoluteamidst the uproar and the noise.

Power Supreme

267 Power Supreme →

A prayer for the power to go out and do good in this world.

Adept at Soulstuff

266 Adept at Soulstuff →

About a kid who wants to be a teacher and joins the fray - the fray to yieldmore.

God, 28 Dec + 9 Aug 2020
Spirit, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

238 Dance →

the Dancer within

222 Haafiz Prays →

Saakhib - Rules abound that bring out the best social order,guided by an inner peace,there's rarely disorder.

199 Warriors →

Wake up and live ecstatic, Life can be fantastic.

187 America →

Let's flush out the negative toxins and exercise our collective will

172 Life →

Short it is

160 Krishna →

Krishna - for a trainer I met - condensing his 10-point philosophy

101 Soul →

About the soul in us all - title inspired by the Clarkson book "I know you got soul". = "Our creator asks us only to be mindful of his majesty - Which is without and exceeds the universe so let him be - Chained to us"

100 Joyland →

With members of Lodge Mt Charity - a very special poem written with some very elevated friends.

God, 30 Mar 2019
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

97 Fight →

Live Valiant! "Guess I should, if I could go out and fight - For the victory of Good - fight with all might".

Rahul, 12 Dec 2018
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

91 Plug Away →

Filled with positivity and an impelling towards action. "The man of purpose never falls from the virility of youth - Builds a life that exemplifies virtue, nixes the uncouth".

77 Sculpting →

Jointly on Brotherly Love

World, 19 Aug 2018
Spirit, Spontaneous Love | WORK: infused

74 Promise →

Am slowly getting used to writing with words from other people. "Passion drives us - it's what makes the journey worth the while... Belief in oneself, trusting the outcome - even when we stumble".

MSA, 7 Aug 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

39 Striving →

As the poem ends, it makes you ponder "in striving we find we've grown, our hearts widening, - our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering".

Tolkien, 6 Aug 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

38 Notables →

For Tolkien et alii - a tribute to books, movies and songs - hence the category Medley. "to rediscover the Flame Imperishable - set in the heart of every man able".

God, 3 Jun 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

28 Cycle →

Begins with a mention of the Indian God of Death - Yama, this one talks of the cycles of life and death - each one ending with a rebirth

Gary, 25 Mar 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

25 A Friendly Nod →

America - On looking back to my time in Bellevue in Nov 2013 and how I was touched by so many people - receiving both positivity and encouragement.

MSA, 19 Mar 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

23 Perfection →

Another poem in the Spirit series, Perfection tells us how life can be when we are inspired - "deep seated in our mind it liberates".

MSA, 11 Feb 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

19 Love →

An earnest plea to love one another "for it is only when we express love that we become closer to our true self".

God, 31 Dec 2016
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

11 Hope →

A message that Hope shalt spring, eternal in the human breast - and that we "live eternal in God's light of love".

God, 23 Dec 2016
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

9 Ebbs and Flows →

A plea to one and all to have enthusiasm in life to "flow through our niggles" and be "full of joy" despite the ups and downs.

God, March 2004
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

1 Amore →

An early poem and a wakeup for us all to see the beauty in life, overcome worry and live infused with love.

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