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Seriously, this ones about us holding onto our dreams that we may change the world into something special.

477 On Divorce →

For a near and dear sweet friend whose on the verge of separation and divorce

378 Cry →

Sometimes the poet misses to catch the sentiment because of the stereotype... This about a parinful youngster who'se missing her father and whose family is drowning in sorrow over it. Glad to say, its not the case in this one valiant family

My Maker

251 My Maker →

Dhala Sr - Written from the viewpoint of the dear departed, comforting us that death was just a passing. "Know life as wondrous, full of it's ups and downs - Be inspired to live in the memory of loved ones - Our Maker you will join one day, so try and find - Your rhythm in this life - just quieten the mind"

222 Haafiz Prays →

Saakhib - Rules abound that bring out the best social order,guided by an inner peace,there's rarely disorder.

160 Krishna →

Krishna - for a trainer I met - condensing his 10-point philosophy

Unnamed, 19 Aug 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

147 Super You →

DL - There it is, right on my sleeve!

133 Mystic River →

THRK - For a friend who was abused at a tender age

Unnamed, 10 Apr 2019
Friends, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

103 Grief →

DL - A cause to reflect on another's pain. "But in my heart I think I'll always know strife - As it ruins loved ones, cuts like a knife".

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