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MSA, 10 Jun 2023
Spirit, Weave and Wend Our Way | WORK: inspired

506 Weep →

Plea from a pacifist to humanity to spread love not be embroiled in hate.

465 The Poets Daemon →

Enough talk of daemons and sprites and spirits that would possess a poets imagination, lead him to daydream and continually obsess - What these fellows need is some strong grounding in reality.

405 Build →

Another poem inspired by my Gurus, on the special day when I visited the city they sanctified and hallowed.

390 Ananda →

About fighting for truth and Mother Earth, this one ends with a strong call to have a day "glorious as we dreamt. When we decided to fight for good"

376 Aspirations →

Feeling lost, I soon pick up my spirits as I think of my gurus and their legacy

352 Courage →

A from the heart confession about my less than perfect self / appreciation for the family that loves and supports me.

MSA, 10 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

349 Let Go2 →

This one about letting go our lower tendencies and living in the light

MSA, 5 Jul 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

347 Sincerity →

Embodying a future spirit, this poem speaks of desirable qualities, offering hope that "just when your faith is flagging, an angel appearing... Out of nowhere will give you a boost and you the pinnacle will surmount"

Matter or Spirit

MSA, 21 Mar 2021
Spirit, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

323 Matter or Spirit →

Imploring us to fashion things with our own hands and be filled with passion - for that is when spirit arises in matter.

MSA, 15 Sep 2020
Daivic, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

305 WOW →

I'll help you instead of reeling from the light.

MSA, 11 Feb 2021
Daivic, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

303 Devakalam →

Look to your lordand let hisheaven manifest faster.


269 Sensitives →

On how a brighter future is possible if we let breathe the sensitive side inside us.

Power Supreme

267 Power Supreme →

A prayer for the power to go out and do good in this world.

199 Warriors →

Wake up and live ecstatic, Life can be fantastic.

189 Dawn →

On this pristine world your blessings send,O lord

89 Time travelling →

Jointly, Outside Auroville. "Come back and let's build that tomorrow - A vision so fierce as to fill our marrow - Remember our true path as once we were led - Blood sweat and tears, so easily shed".

43 Toi →

For my teachers Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa, written at their ashram in Pondicherry. "We seem on the brink - of total annihilation our pilot extinguished with no time to pause and think - to follow our highest right as dictated by that voice from within".

MSA, 7 Aug 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

39 Striving →

As the poem ends, it makes you ponder "in striving we find we've grown, our hearts widening, - our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering".

MSA, 19 Mar 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

23 Perfection →

Another poem in the Spirit series, Perfection tells us how life can be when we are inspired - "deep seated in our mind it liberates".

MSA, 12 Mar 2017
Imagine, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

20 Teeming With Life →

How the world can be if Builders (Change Agents) were all given a chance to "reshape that stream of activity around us until the possibility of greatness is achieved".

MSA, 11 Feb 2017
Spirit, Essays to a Swan | WORK: infused

19 Love →

An earnest plea to love one another "for it is only when we express love that we become closer to our true self".

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