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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words

303 Devakalam

Look to your lordand let hisheaven manifest faster.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Come on let the good times roll, let the Gods rule
Leave that past behind, don't look to it like a fool
Let the memories shape your every waking moment
Throw yourself to the task of evolving even if spent

Swargam or naragam - heaven or hell is our choice
So be bold, and let resound that resplendent voice
Never let the downs shake your aura of positivity
Fight for every inch even if against earthly gravity

Remember family, that's our only link to the past
Shake away the thorns and live to grow up fast
A new game is being played, give evolution a chance
Wake from your stupor, forget your cares and dance

Remember a time when gods walked in our midst
Let the pain and rage fall with unclenched fist
Live the Life Divine and wash all your cares away
Let new scenes touch you as hope now holds sway

Life is but a flash in a day of Brahma, so live well
If you are upset or brooding, there's ways I can tell
Buck up there's a whole new world there to master
Look to your lord and let his heaven manifest faster


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