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UPDATE: I wrote this in Nov 2022 for the then planned intended as a mentoring platform of both teachers and students.

In May 2019, I spoke of a Magician and his woes. Some 6 years before that, I wanted to create a all in one framework called Magique.

It was so avant-garde, its aim was to eliminate boilerplate coding and would work with a DB Editor and build interfaces on the fly with a UI builder for customizing pieces that convention did not have prebuilt.

Unfortunately, and Job 3 arrived and it went out of my mind but the other worldly name from Faery never left me - "Magique".

Today I use the word Magique for a series of technical courses available at and for students and those adults, as a means of income if all agree to follow our DNA.

Adept at both computer science and elecrtonics since school days, I remain MAGICIAN, Esquire!

I learnt 128k BASIC on a Sinclair Spectrum (see pictures above) in the 6th Grade and became a Hobbyist Electronics Enthusiast in the 9th Grade (see my first version circuit for a speedometer for my cycle below) both thanks to my uncle Vishwanath.

By college end, we must have scratch built over 10 circuits, plus the 5 microcontroller ones I have done in the final year college.

We do both detest etching printed circuit boards, a process that uses ferric chloride and involves a lot of self reflection in the bathroom while the solution eats up a copper sheet, leaving a mass of tracks, hopefully in the right configuration or schematic design.

My college portfolio boasted 500 hours of coding (vb6) and 100 hours of eCad - Electronic Computer Aided Design. I've since spent some 17 years as a professional programmer, my MISSING SVN repository had nearly 1700 commits, I have nearly 75 bitbucket repositories apart from the 7 companies that chose to employ me and the few thousand lines of code and hours of mentoring done there.

Since 2017, I have also penned over 500 poems and essays and built over 20 websites in Amadeus which is the tech our coding courses will be built around.

Yes, I still write in php, not the cutting edge javascript or the blazing fast Azure or the industry standard AWS or GCP. With its clear separation of content files from code, and reliance on markdown, sheets and html slides, I daresay it can be rewritten in a day by any diligent programmer in any technology and I would fully mentor anyone who would want to do so once we sort out the attribution and money sharing (again, our DNA match would be the key thing here).

Our Database Systems are getting extremely complex, require connectivity to the cloud at all times and security, backup and environment synchronization are a constant hassle. DATABASE IS AN ABSTRACTION - A DEVIATION FROM WHERE CONTENT SHOULD BE WHICH IS IN THE WEBSITE ITSELF. Alan Cooper said clearly DO NO INTERRUPT THE PROCEEDINGS BY TAKING YOUR USER TO ANOTHER ROOM in his seminal book The Essentials of User Interface Design - the ony tech book I EVER READ. AMADEUS BOASTS NO DATABASE.

Even Catalogues with Order Totalling are done with a simple sheet and some jQuery - The system is called Mozzacart after our inspirer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Today I believe my reason-for-being is to give the gift of Amadeus Web to people with life's missions and as a way of learning elegant and aesthetic coding both for hobby and for passion at work. I am hoping a good number of you folks will be youngsters of ages 12+.

Here are some possibilities for what we could cover