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From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and wordsimpelled
My Maker

251 My Maker

Written from the viewpoint of the dear departed, comforting us that death was just a passing. "Know life as wondrous, full of it's ups and downs - Be inspired to live in the memory of loved ones - Our Maker you will join one day, so try and find - Your rhythm in this life - just quieten the mind"
Embrace the Morrow

252 Embrace the Morrow

A poem that begs us to brood not in the past (when we were in love). "I know its not easy but on letting go, we're choosing life - And not dwelling unnecessarily on highs from our past - Letting go is healing, the past cut away as by a knife - Instead we focus on the now and build a future to last"
Sprout Please

253 Sprout Please

A poem for my co-founder Sundaram and the company we hope to build

254 Troubled

For 3 friends who are all finding themselves in difficult / estranged relationsships
Dear John

255 Dear John

On the occasion of my friend John's birthday
Cry Peace

256 Cry Peace

A loud rallying call to establish peace, dedicated to my pastor Gary

257 Adesh

Requesting the Lord to command us to be good and amicable to one another.

258 Joy2

On the occasion of my friend Reggie's wedding
Dear Mother

259 Dear Mother

For the Mother Foundation and how Mother Earth would want us to be.
Dear Teacher

260 Dear Teacher

In gratitude for Teachers, with the hope that ill make a good one some day.

261 Dear Friend

On the occasion of my friend Melissa's birthday.

262 Careworn

About a man whose spent and feeling a little careworn.

263 Black and White

For a dear friend on the occasion of his book launch.

264 Gibran and I

About how a poet can listen, evoke feelings and help cure the maladies of the world.

265 Unification

Underscores the need for warming to each other's troubles and dissolving boundaries. Dedicated to the Father of the Indian Nation.

266 Adept at Soulstuff

About a kid who wants to be a teacher and joins the fray - the fray to yieldmore.

267 Power Supreme

A prayer for the power to go out and do good in this world.

268 The Van

If evolving is a struggle, this poem sees me coming to terms with my part as an observer, not a doer. The vanguard or fountainhead of human progress.

269 Sensitives

On how a brighter future is possible if we let breathe the sensitive side inside us.

270 Sun and Sea

A mashup poem on the joy we can all face as I write snippets on different friend's walls.

271 This Man's Best Friend

Incomplete poem about my best friend and his wish to be reborn a puppy.

272 Desiderata

When a friend (Mustafa) caught me at an emotional moment.

273 Carte Blanche

Jointly written as an engagement gift for my cousin Shoaib. They both very sweetly wrote their own poems with the words we chose to write with that night.

274 The Teacher Within

In gratitude for teachers and they joy they must feel watching their wards grow.

275 Bittersweet

A song of grief written for a friend who just lost her mother.

276 Again

A poem that touches raw on the feelings spouses go through when theyre rejected and have little chance to reflect on their own feelings.

277 Fluid

Written for a friend who had just given a presentation on the Bhagaavd Gita, that vehicle of Old Indian Wisdom.

278 Covid Times

2020 with its pandemic in perspective - "We're done with the old ways of utter callousness and unfeeling... Being cooped at home, we've gotten past crazy and begun healing... It's a little rough but we're now starting to appreciate family... There's been friction but we learn to enjoy the other's gaiety"

279 December

On the Occasion of my cousin Shoaib's wife's birthday.

280 Rock Bottom

For a friend who was feeling low, in the hope that he will cause a change in the trend.

281 Do Well

Written the day we performed special prayers, our spirit is to: "We stand apart in our promise to deliver a high standard... Of quality, we work hard to give what we said we would... We're quick to support a colleague, we're never wayward... Instead our concern for living beings touches as it should."

282 I saw you Cry

For a friend who was broken down.

283 Rent Asunder

A much needed low propelled by a dear friend.

284 Strength2

How I look forward to knowing you better - "Stand forth to center and be called out in loving honour... You stand tall, dwarving us with your immense stature... I've been jaded by the wall of pain that surrounds all... The people I love, perhaps it's my turn to stand tall!"

285 Mistreated

Ah, dear Soph - "No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror... There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on"

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