Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words


Category: Romance
Embrace the Morrow

252 Embrace the Morrow →

A poem that begs us to brood not in the past (when we were in love). "I know its not easy but on letting go, we're choosing life - And not dwelling unnecessarily on highs from our past - Letting go is healing, the past cut away as by a knife - Instead we focus on the now and build a future to last"

325 Holiday →

Is there a girlto push me to the brink of what i am capable of?

333 Blow →

When losing a parent, we hit a new low and our feelings get all jammed up. How will this raw grief bring about a catharsis for us?

356 Waves Felt →

A tribute to the nearly 30 girls and women in my life, weaving them into a single tapestry, seemingly addressing a single / a few people.

367 My Soldier →

Written for a friend from sweet 17 - oh how we danced

389 Drown →

Begun with lines by John Denver, this poem sees me going back to earlier notions of having a "Tracey" in my life - a name from the Wilbur Smith novel Diamond Hunters

404 Us Two →

Writing with deep romantic feeling again after an age (Or rather, after Dec 1)

414 All My Life →

"All my life I wanted to find a girl like Stormy, who like me would want,.. To delight the world's children, and with our combined voices, enchant."

427 Spark →

With reference to my prose "Sleep Eros", this poems is about a fictional lover

428 Glee →

The sizzling romance continues - part 5

431 Making Love2 →

At the crossroads of romantic dead ends, this poem sees me letting go of the past and making way for what would become "dreamy"

432 Ablaze →

The first of 15 poems for a new muse, this one has me saying "I'd reckon the years by the stars you'd pull down, and my words, that whisper love in the light of dawn."

433 Place →

As you touch my hand and let our love light up - The skies as sparks fly from our skin, a deep cup

434 Heart →

It's only in your heart that I would dwell for a while. Where I bask in the radiance of your beautiful smile.

435 Fleeting →

For its your face I would remember all my life. Let me now ask that we live as man and wife.

436 Gift →

I know you both have left much pain behind. But know that in love, much healing you'd find.

437 Dance2 →

Dance you two, weave the story of the world between the tapestry of your own world. With senses keen.

438 Gentle →

My love, I'd be thrilled if only you would think to have me, for life is fleeting, gone in a blink!

439 Woods →

The hills beckon me where I would walk in woods. Holding you beside me, each couple with their broods.

440 Melt →

Melt me down to my elements, then cast me anew. For I would be pliant for you. My pledge I'd renew, To hold and cherish you until the end of my days. To swirl in your waters, live enthralled by your gaze.

441 Hope2 →

Hope your senses reel at the thought of me. And all the ways I'd touch you deep and wild. How I'd bask in your love, shout in pure glee, As we found ways to unmask the inner child.

442 Moments →

Tell me you'd be here this instant and I will stop all my meandering, rather live with you in glee.

443 Ether →

It gladdens my heart to know that you exist. That the ether connects our minds and hearts. Tell me lover, should I walk through the mist? Would I find you ready to assemble all my parts?

444 Evergreen →

Oh darling my light is glowing dim, but I wait. I strove hard to find you, first in my dreams, Now come quick to me before it's too late. Do you hear my whimpers amidst their screams?

445 Bulwark →

On a patch of grass on the same side of a slope. So that we may grow in the melody of one another. Good water! That harbinger of plenty, and hope, Let me find you so we'd have each other for tether.

446 Entwined →

I grew up dreaming that lovers ought be entwined. And enmeshed, totally inside each other's heart. Have I found that sort of love? Believe it I'm inclined. For this time I've loved you mad, right from the start.

453 Lost →

Another poem to Patricia, this one has me in an endless loop of memories.

458 Castles2 →

Wowie, some powerful old feelings!

482 Strove →

"we could be perfection"

490 Back To Life →

"At new beginnings, I'd dream on, hopeful with each passing day. And glad for those friendships that are cemented for a lifetime."