Inspired :: Shedding Inhibitions

From poem #501 - I keep whittling away, trying to improve the craft


501 Dammed Up →

About a long forgotten intimacy, the giving into dammed up feeling and the rekindling of an old spark.

502 Cry2 →

As I reflect on my loneliness and comfort myself that a better time will come when I have a body to love.

503 Head →

About the human race that should "discover the light and we walk elated and tall".

504 Tail →

Another moving piece of advice to humanity to "dig deep and suck out all the marrow of life".

505 Exodus →

Something about breaking away from city life and inviting humanity to an exodus leading us to live with Nature.

506 Weep →

Plea from a pacifist to humanity to spread love not be embroiled in hate.

507 Dreams3 →

Another poem for Pat - a reminesce of how things were and some wistfulness.

508 Fight3 →

A prayer to stand in the sun, having conquered the lower tendencies - and an invitation to all to come do the same.

509 The Way I Feel →

About a friend no longer beside me, in continuation to a letter I wrote her in 2018.

510 Retired →

Seriously, this ones about us holding onto our dreams that we may change the world into something special.

511 Loss2 →

For a new made friend, about the loss of his partner Jo.

512 Hope3 →

Asking Kim to be strong and not let past griefs overpower him.

513 Through The Years →

Just a boy earnestly wishing to have a dear friend back.

514 Let Me Go →

A boy asking leave of his tough family.

515 I Hope →

Hopes for a friend whose been there for me at some very tough times.

516 Beat →

Raggedly thinking again about the bondage to family.

517 Dreamers →

About the dreamers who would have mankind progress and boldly do it.

518 A Few Wishes →

Wishes for a dear friend on her birthday.

519 Pain →

For a friend bowed down by circumstance.

520 Elated →

Intensely romantic poem for an old flame.

521 Happy →

To celebrate a friend's birthday - written with words prompted.

522 Joy3 →

Still trying to buoy the spirits of that friend.

Dear Problems

523 Dear Problems →

Small reminder to self about how problems can be dissolved in God.

524 Content →

Ambition vs Contentment - an Old Indic Wisdom perspective.