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Soulful Dancing

487 Abid →

For a friend's cousin, on his 5th Wedding Anniversary.

408 Abide →

For a friend as she graces a wedding wishing the very best to the couple, as we tried to articulate that "though life is sometimes gonna bring a low. Take the good with the bad, there's no other way - than to embrace the moments, as dreams hold sway."

385 Stop →

For a friend on his engagement, a request of the world to "stop" and take cognizance of these two youngsters falling in love.

382 Janavi →

Whispering my philosophy on marriages at a dear friend's cousin's wedding

377 Pat →

Another fiercely romantic poem, I this, I say "Do come back and abide in these lonely arms that ache for your Touch"

365 Sangeeth →

Written for my friend's best friend and life partner, with much feeling and good wishes

362 Change →

Random thoughts from the parents and brother of a friend on his wedding evening as I drew them into intimate conversation

316 Hands →

37 years have left him bone weary, he now begs a saviour to walk together.

314 Shoots →

I've searched for a woman to love till eternity,now tim to discover what is serenity.

299 Ten Points →

RD - Romance: "I can love you forever, show I'm made of tender stuff... As causes a symphony of joy to course within you... 10 points lover, and let each day bring me nearer to you"

295 Roots →

Thinking of the women I have loved. I try not to let it show, but theres pain all over. "A friend with a silver tongue wished me good company... But that ended in disaster, I have since willed my way on"

279 December →

On the Occasion of my cousin Shoaib's wife's birthday.

273 Carte Blanche →

Jointly written as an engagement gift for my cousin Shoaib. They both very sweetly wrote their own poems with the words we chose to write with that night.


258 Joy2 →

On the occasion of my friend Reggie's wedding

73 Us not Them →

Me telling the tale of a couple - "Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers - Fair they made this world showing God's work amidst the diverse".

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