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Impelled :: Healing Through Dialogue

From poem #251 - I try to move the reader even more and set out to heal through dialogue and words


258 Joy2

On the occasion of my friend Reggie's wedding

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Joy there is in my heart today as you hold her hand, dance and sway
Be excellent to each other as you promise on this, your wedding day
Dear, dear friend, you've managed to keep your joie de vivre this long
Now awaken her heart as you both boldly and gleefully sing your song

The song of life is waiting for you two to join in with your melodic duet
There may be ups and downs in life, but always be together, do not fret
I wish you both the very very best, from the deepest wells of my heart
Build a life based on warmth and respect - remember to show your art

From your home let the good feeling around you emanate until all
Your friends and family realize your goodness - stand joyous and tall
And be a source of support to loved ones whose hearts are lifted
Show them love and encouragement until they too feel gifted

I see you've grown into this wonderful man who stands in front of me
It's your turn to guide youngsters now as you raise your own family
Children are a blessing to us all as I hope you will find in good time
They try us, worry us but in the end the experience is very sublime

I leave you to go to lands far away and build that covenant of love
I hope and pray the Lord's grace will shine strongly on you from above
Remember when life's a little rough, that He is only testing you
Soar above through it all and together may your vows you renew



257 Adesh →

Requesting the Lord to command us to be good and amicable to one another.


Dear Mother

259 Dear Mother →

For the Mother Foundation and how Mother Earth would want us to be.