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516 Beat →

Raggedly thinking again about the bondage to family.

514 Let Me Go →

A boy asking leave of his tough family.

512 Hope3 →

Asking Kim to be strong and not let past griefs overpower him.

509 The Way I Feel →

About a friend no longer beside me, in continuation to a letter I wrote her in 2018.

508 Fight3 →

A prayer to stand in the sun, having conquered the lower tendencies - and an invitation to all to come do the same.

500 Enough2 →

Dead set against all forms of war, this one ends with: "Come my much loved species, time to turn the page!"

497 Good Fight →

Still trying to cheer that friend up and not seem a duffer.

492 Lovingly Heal →

A prayer for a dear friend that she recover quickly from a fall and fracture.

480 Lost Without Music →

This poem describes a friend whose feeling low and "unable to hear the music"

477 On Divorce →

For a near and dear sweet friend whose on the verge of separation and divorce

448 O Divine →

We run amok thinking this Earth to us does belong. In your despite we play with fire, not having the sense That your dreams can take us to the very heavens!

1 Mumzy1 →

My first "sit-down-and-write" essay with my mother, Uma. Its about her beloved son, me <3

423 Making Love →

"I'd recall to you my story of love and friendship, still hopeful... That you'd one day realize I was simply in your spell"

403 Clarinet →

A sequel to the Bayonet, this hope for all that can be good in life again as I evolve the thought with a dear friend.

399 Spent2 →

For a dear friend whose very peaceful future was and is being threatened. I do not agree with her decision not to go down with guns blazing, but respect the strength she has for choosing that. "My advice to you, all friends - is to just recover fast and keep moving - we know this life as bumpy, yet chose it, so make it one of giving"

397 Bayonet →

With pain, now gone, since I spoke about it and wrote Clarinet. Am almost mended now, though it caused much pain and anguish for many years. "I sincerely pray for peace for those warriors who wrest With life as her very future lies in the balance, now rest"

369 Neat →

Written for a young girl who wants to turn healer and trying to offer her some perspective

366 Forgiving →

Written about the story a friend and filmmaker had just made about compassion and forgiveness in the atrocities of war

361 Nani →

I want to break fre but it seems i lack the nerve, lead the way, help me on green pastures to serve.

354 Dawn3 →

As a friend comes to a crossroads, my trying to give her courage and resolve. Happy to say shes already well on the mend.


Self, 21 Apr 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

332 Pray →

Like the masters say - we should FREE ourselves from all LIMITATIONS and SOAR ON HIGH in SERVICE to the DIVINE.

Self, 4 Apr 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

330 Grew →

When losing a parent, we hit a new low and our feelings get all jammed up. How will this raw grief bring about a catharsis for us?

328 Licked →

Have faiththe game is not overyetand beg that deep within-your heart courageously holds sway.

Ali, 26 Feb 2021
Healing, Teeming with Life | WORK: impelled

310 Reach →

I keep planting seeds of brotherly caring,but it falls on deaf ears,dont they cry at another's grieif, one that's so painful.


298 Umbrella →

Wriiten when a matriarch was called to Eden above and how her Umbrella continues to protect her family.

297 My Prayers →

About the same mother - "My prayers that you grow into a source of delight soon... A girl I saw a spark of as her healing put us on the moon"

296 The Blues →

About a mother and son who "Together they help people find a way out of any malady... That wisdom or vidya is her gift to times such as these"

294 Mettle →

For a friend and her son who "We're a simple folk, firm as bedrock is our faith in the One... Who will show us a way, help us bid our past a firm adieu"

291 Closer to Believing →

Ah, the thrill of meeting a kindred spirit - "Did you grab the opportunities that came your way to express love... Did your heart sometimes expand and soar up to the skies above"

290 Heal The World →

Written for my mother as I come to terms with a grumpy past - "What we all need is a little more patience, understanding and love... We need to plant these as seeds and saplings in Mother Earth's grove"

289 Toys →

Written in the horror of seeing a youngster playing shooting and killing games, I was reminded of the Robin Williams movie Toys

285 Mistreated →

Ah, dear Soph - "No matter whether they seem they will engulf you in sadness and terror... There will come a brighter day when you will smile again and move on"

284 Strength2 →

How I look forward to knowing you better - "Stand forth to center and be called out in loving honour... You stand tall, dwarving us with your immense stature... I've been jaded by the wall of pain that surrounds all... The people I love, perhaps it's my turn to stand tall!"

283 Rent Asunder →

A much needed low propelled by a dear friend.

282 I saw you Cry →

For a friend who was broken down.

Rock Bottom

280 Rock Bottom →

For a friend who was feeling low, in the hope that he will cause a change in the trend.

276 Again →

A poem that touches raw on the feelings spouses go through when theyre rejected and have little chance to reflect on their own feelings.

272 Desiderata →

When a friend (Mustafa) caught me at an emotional moment.

The Van

268 The Van →

If evolving is a struggle, this poem sees me coming to terms with my part as an observer, not a doer. The vanguard or fountainhead of human progress.


265 Unification →

Underscores the need for warming to each other's troubles and dissolving boundaries. Dedicated to the Father of the Indian Nation.

Gibran and I

264 Gibran and I →

About how a poet can listen, evoke feelings and help cure the maladies of the world.


262 Careworn →

About a man whose spent and feeling a little careworn.


254 Troubled →

For 3 friends who are all finding themselves in difficult / estranged relationsships

237 Pep →

On friendship, making the most of life and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams

232 Cat →

I saw a cat on th e terrace ,i wanted to shoutwith delightfor i love animalswith all my heart.

Self, 28 Jun 2020
Healing, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

230 Boy Interrupted →

I sem to falterlord,do show me grace and the strength to go on,fight a little every day.

229 Bleed →

for Countries torn apart

Self, 30 May 2020
Healing, Ante Up [and kick in] | WORK: infused

226 Spent →

I am more mindfulof my thoughtsnow,I pray all the time that things will become better.

217 Get Going →

The best way to lead is by example, so remember to intervene with kindness and patience tiill the lessons are clear in the wrongdoer's mind.

193 New Dreams →

Looking forward to making new dreams last.

182 Dregs →

Its time to let go of the pastand come back to life

180 Stillness →

Remember that in silence lies the potential of the morrow

Almost Paradise

176 Almost Paradise →

A note to heal for a friend


173 Heal →

A long note on not caring about the world or feeling down but to let go the thoughts and HEAL.

171 Mend →

wonder when beside me you will once again run.

163 Pains →

Learn fast before it is too late

162 Ark →

Let's work to build a lifeof plenty.

157 Return →

Not returned, return (to me)

155 Waves →

Choosing between lover and my paper children

Unnamed, 19 Aug 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

147 Super You →

DL - There it is, right on my sleeve!

144 Hugs →

wishing a friend a new chapter,to make her life splendid and super

Vichu, 31 May 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

138 Vichu →

Hope time heals

129 Healers Creed →

To find healing in this world

Bhavana, 14 Apr 2019
Healing, Poetrusic by Chaos | WORK: infused

114 Energy Healing →

Written with 2 teachers and 2 students at a healing workshop

98 Louise →

Written together by 8 healers who follow Louise Hay. "I experience the beauty of the universe with love and joy - I set out to win it all with a loud yell of ahoy".

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