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Melissa, 25 Nov 2019
Healing, Fly Up [and find the meaning of love]

173 Heal

A long note on not caring about the world or feeling down but to let go the thoughts and HEAL.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Forgive me milady but i have to tell you
That its perfectly alright to in life have no clue
Of what the purpose of living is
And lose sight of the inner kingdom of bliss

Waves of fragments of emotions do flash
Adding to the chaos and the mud that doth splash
Leaving you feeling dirty to think of the world
And all the energy vampires that make ur blood curl

Its okay to wallow in confusion and self doubt
Glimmers of smiles gone past and times far out
Anger and resentment at all that you see around
In nothing in your life have you comfort found

To watch your motives questioned and artwork broken
By tongues that wag and spew dismay, making you question
All that you ever gave your life to, now broken and rent asunder
You wonder will your heart ever dance to the sky's thunder

Time wears on and you worry about bad habits
And strings of events that leave you in teary fits
What good amidst all this o me o life you wonder
Why do rapacious people so evilly break and plunder


Its all in the wonderful game of life you know
Look to the future and see how far we can go
Its not the lows that define us or our past
It's how wonderfully we cross the finish line at last

Id say your choking on multiple emotions so think
Back to all the lovely times and in the mirror wink
As you smile and hug yourself and let your soul breathe
And wonder how to plant saplings and omit the weed

Remember how far you have to go
Light that spark again, feel all aglow
Gasp for breath as your body tingles
As you listen to soulful music that mingles

As the good from your story come to the fore
And your emotions are poised to fire you up once more
Remember the experience can hasten the process
Of healing for the next person who'll suffer much less

What we learn we learn as a species so be glad
You had the strength to face life and your soul mend
Give thanks to your maker for his life courses through us all
Through good and bad, his love for creatures great and small

Collection: fly-up

Category: Healing


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