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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


Category: Romance

3 Sara →

Thought of in November, I wrote this to 4 women I loved greatly as if as one.

5 Sandra →

Another early romantic poem (they get better with time).

SA, 22 Jan 2017
Romance, Essays to a Swan

16 Muse Male →

Love, from a woman's eyes, for her man "whose graceful nature and toil, kept us in abundance and comfort".

26 Wistfulness →

Introducing Tracey (future imagined lover) - a character from Wilbur Smith's Diamond Hunters.

30 Eros →

For Tracey again, this one ends with - "soaring on cupids wings, the couple would reflect - years later, on that love - so pristine and perfect".


31 Mademoiselle →

A romantic poem in French about how "my days are incomplete without you - the nights without colour and alone".

32 Tether →

Another fun romantic poem. This one sung by a friend while the ink was still drying.

34 Once →

Now the memories are a tad painful... Here's to the love that never was! "spent in spirit but not wistful - for the next time I shall savour with care - every moment that two lovers can share" Did I even savour the next one?

35 Light →

I think of those days I was rapt - "so deep the bond we lovingly forged - feel you beside me our lips engorged".

40 Dwell →

Ah, to be young and in love again... "methinks a partner is the best thing to keep - in sickness and in health, a spirit so deep - entrenched in your soul"

44 Fate →

Lost in time... "a love that engulfed us - through storm and rain that love animated me and was - a bulwark against the harsh world, cozy and secure".

46 For AFT →

9 things I learned by loving (9 different women :). Written with a hope to leave the past in the past and look to the future...

To Hold

47 To Hold →

Wedding Vows (as to be expected - there wasnt even a girl on the horizon when I wrote this :p)

57 First Touch →

Based on a weird dream I had... For that passing ship that brought me Sleep Eros.

TK, 25 Apr 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love

60 Teakliness →

For a girl I used to be fond of. "Like two ships passing solemn in the night - What happened to our love that gently faded from sight".

62 In My Life →

For the Beatles Song "In My Life" and a short reflection on an early love of mine. "in love for the first time - A woman to ride beside in any sort of clime - Who looked at me to the depths of my very soul".

63 No More Cloudy Days →

For a friend from days past. Romanticized version "My inmost mind only you can read - As I find a joy that you can relight".

66 Well →

A well of love - "What of thou and I? where on Earth shall we begin? - To continue some connect, discover love amidst the din".

69 When To Dream →

This ones awkward. I gotta stop writing romance for people I know!

70 Fudge →

Too much romance for one night. But the flow is coming better. Wait till you reach 2020 :)

78 Joy →

Too bad it was all imaginary. "And in that winter, beside a warm ember - That hearth of ours where we make love - Meld our bodies till all our worries dissolve".

79 Starburst →

"Heart to heart, body to body. A torch - To bear testament to the love we share - In all the seasons with us without a care".

80 Taken →

Romance, too much time on my hands late at night. "still they wanted to be - Finding a bliss like grace from our maker above".

RD, 19 Oct 2018
Romance, Spontaneous Love

82 Sadness →

Fiction, for a couple in love. "A surety that his love would stay on target, unerring as a dart - As close as two friends could get, there from the very start".

84 Woman →

Woman of yester dreams. "And how that love runs true in every fibre of our being - A being that echoes the fragrance of the cosmic scene".

87 Wonder →

Wonder, for a very special woman. "hear an old clock chime - As it turns midnight with the promise of turning dreams true - Dreams you held on to for a long time, that reach out and touch you".

92 Nymphs and Angels →

So much romance, so little remains... "Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind - Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind".

95 Captured Heart →

Think again Imran! "Methinks we're destined to be utterly entwined - A love that engulfs us both, holding us enshrined".

99 Tonight →

Inspired by the Kenny Roger's song We've got tonight. "Lend your love to me tonight for love we want to share - Make every minute count as into your eyes I stare".

102 Beacon →

Short Romantic Poem. "... That makes my heart flutter ever so soft as at dawn - When a million buttercups open and birds begin their song".

105 Sweetest Heart →

Another Romantic Poem that caught me by surprise. "A fount of blessings from which to divine - My way forward, oh you like summer wine"

107 Heal Your Heart →

Poem to a loved one. "feel sweet and smooth - And complete as we set out to hew a way - Be sure to learn fast as music we do play".

115 Flamingoes →

About 4 women in my (recent) life.

116 Thirsty →

The romance continues

117 You →

The romance continues

118 Rhythm →

Title and opening line inspired by Air Supply

119 Sunlight →

Sanskrit works from a prayer that reminds me of her


120 Listen →

Romantic poem for a girl I was never interested in :)

122 Madly →

Opening lines from the Savage Garden song

140 Inspire2 →

Ah, to be in love again!

158 Longing →

For a past love

159 Wet →

This ones kinda graphic and has an R rating


188 Hills →

Romance (what else!)


221 Sweet →

with Longing

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