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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

216 Dawn2

The poet and his loved one together discover their inner selvesand set an example to others what to treasure in humanity.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

216 Dawn, 2 May 2020, for G

I still remember the day you said together for eternity
I remember your sweet face and how I laughed in glee
It took me a while to court you, most pleasant moments
Now let's build a tomorrow, overflowing with sentiments

It's now dawn and another day has passed of love making
You're the queen of my heart and I your joyful king
What we do together is discover our inner selves and be
An example to others of what to treasure in humanity

I gasp for breath when I think of the love I have for you
A love that grows in leaps and bounds, perfect for us two
We uplift our friends by being cheerful for a while
We're quick to turn a melancholic frown into a smile

What is God's will for me to do you ask out of the blue
Shimoda says your own will will become His for you
Treat each moment with care, love humanity well
Show them your best self, cast them in your spell

Be especially kind to children, guide them gently
Tell their parents to let them dream incessantly
For it's only in our dreams we glimpse divinity
As we see it perfect, we begin to touch infinity


215 Namazi Senior →

It wasn't till the last four yearsthat i spoke of being broken upon the rocks of life,was when i sensed your strength.


217 Get Going →

The best way to lead is by example, so remember to intervene with kindness and patience tiill the lessons are clear in the wrongdoer's mind.