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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

215 Namazi Senior

It wasn't till the last four yearsthat i spoke of being broken upon the rocks of life,was when i sensed your strength.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

215 Namazi Senior, 24th Apr 2020, for Dad

Why did we put off bonding until it was too late
Now your gone from our midst, shut is that gate
We can still talk but its awfully silent out here
So many mistakes I've made, so full of fear

That I'll be judged for being the stupidest son
Never spoke to his dad about races to be run
We've spent years with those walls between us
Now I wonder why I ever did make such a fuss

Yes we shared a love for each other but it was distant
I never had much to say though childhood better went
It wasnt till the last 4 years that I spoke of being broken
Upon the rocks of life, was when I sensed your strength

A blur those first 36 years went when I had a father
Now harsh seems the world, without him for tether
I look at my mother's pain and am saddened by it all
There's no fight left in me, I'd rather bring peace to all

I wonder where you are now, my angel there in heaven
Who sues for my redemption, begging for my pardon
I miss you daddy, I want you always here beside me
Life is tough but I hope to be guided tenderly by thee


214 Lament →

Another loss i cannot bear,my eyes go moist and teary,but he 's lived a full life-brought comfort to the weary.


216 Dawn2 →

The poet and his loved one together discover their inner selvesand set an example to others what to treasure in humanity.