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214 Lament

Another loss i cannot bear,my eyes go moist and teary,but he 's lived a full life-brought comfort to the weary.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

214 Lament, 24 Apr 2020, for Shyam

My best friend's days are numbered - you'll ask me why
He had a fall last Christmas, the story makes me cry
I don't wanna get into the details but it's a pile of things
Sad am I when I think of the dregs of woe life brings

He just turned 70, hale and hearty, dandy and fine
Was stuck in a country ignorant of Indian medicine
So his new diet there played havoc with his diabetes
And he fell - not a good thing to do in your seventies

A hemorrhage of the brain and a fracture of the vertebrae
A messed up shoulder and teeth make me wanna pray
We just buried my fighter father together last July
He lovingly helped me wash his body clean and dry

Another loss I cannot bear, my eyes go moist and teary
But he's lived a full life - brought comfort to the weary
We've had good times these past fifteen years or so
Spoken many a night, our souls rebounding from a low

So we look into each others eye, remembering the good
Fight every day and dont despair, improve your mood!
In the end it matters only the memories we carry
Savour each moment, live well but do not tarry


213 Friends3 →

I thank her for her words of wisdom from which I keep remembering that life is best lived with utmost feeling.


215 Namazi Senior →

It wasn't till the last four yearsthat i spoke of being broken upon the rocks of life,was when i sensed your strength.