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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


Category: Grief

124 Sorrow →

For my teacher's son, shortly before losing my own father

130 Charmaine →

For a friend's mother - griefstruck her family was when she passed away in 2011

143 Blood Warriors →

for Charmaine, Tahereh, Patricia and Hema

150 Loss →

For my friend who lost his father

200 Bliss →

This poem is about a friend's brother, a boy who had a heart of gold.

241 Candles in the wind →

Ramesh Jagtiani - A moving poem written when a friend's father passed away - a caring gentleman who was a source of delight to his friends and community

242 Soul2 →

Written on All Soul's Day after a visit to my father's grave. For grieving families everywhere.

244 Strength →

Written for a friend whose mother is suffering with cancer.