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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

143 Blood Warriors

for Charmaine, Tahereh, Patricia and Hema

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Blood Warriors - Jul 23rd
for Charmaine, Tahereh, Patricia and Hema...

What for this life when woe robs us of breath itself
Takes mothers leaving us in the vacuum of our hearts
As hollow shells we watch despairingly as they succumb
To death who leaves them with a twisted grimace

But warriors they are, helping humanity oust a mutation
That's cancerous and kills from inside she whose gentle
In fighting to the end, they show a resilience and spirit
That cannot be defeated even when silence reigns

What of those they leave behind, babies and children
Who in this life seem to have been robbed of mother hen
Will they unite and tell tales of the love their mothers bore
Or seek to find new warriors fighting their battles

Let's wish them well for a sorrow befalls them
But when they come to terms with their loss,
Their hearts feel lightened. No, mama didnt do
Anything extra wicked to deserve it, fate just decided

They were strong enough to internalize a fight for evolution
But feel especially bad for those children who have cancer
Find it in your heart to put them on your shoulder
And lay them gently to rest in peace and surrender


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