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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


Category: Healing

98 Louise →

Written together by 8 healers who follow Louise Hay. "I experience the beauty of the universe with love and joy - I set out to win it all with a loud yell of ahoy".

114 Energy Healing →

Written with 2 teachers and 2 students at a healing workshop

129 Healers Creed →

To find healing in this world

138 Vichu →

Hope time heals

144 Hugs →

wishing a friend a new chapter,to make her life splendid and super

147 Super You →

DL - There it is, right on my sleeve!

155 Waves →

Choosing between lover and my paper children

157 Return →

Not returned, return (to me)

162 Ark →

Let's work to build a lifeof plenty.

163 Pains →

Learn fast before it is too late

171 Mend →

wonder when beside me you will once again run.


173 Heal →

A long note on not caring about the world or feeling down but to let go the thoughts and HEAL.

Almost Paradise

176 Almost Paradise →

A note to heal for a friend

180 Stillness →

Remember that in silence lies the potential of the morrow

182 Dregs →

Its time to let go of the pastand come back to life

193 New Dreams →

Looking forward to making new dreams last.

217 Get Going →

The best way to lead is by example, so remember to intervene with kindness and patience tiill the lessons are clear in the wrongdoer's mind.

226 Spent →

I am more mindfulof my thoughtsnow,I pray all the time that things will become better.

229 Bleed →

for Countries torn apart

230 Boy Interrupted →

I sem to falterlord,do show me grace and the strength to go on,fight a little every day.

232 Cat →

I saw a cat on th e terrace ,i wanted to shoutwith delightfor i love animalswith all my heart.

237 Pep →

On friendship, making the most of life and the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams