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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

138 Vichu

Hope time heals

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Vichu or Heliums Apart, 31 May

Yesterday we were as close as the 2 electrons of helium
Then in a moment we sprang apart, forever it seems
Weary am I as a second year without you drags on
What can I do to hasten you back to my sane side

You still judge me for not being my best possible self
That characteristic you possess too and it irks me
Have I been hurt that you cant reach out and help me
We show up for the other even when dysfunctional

The bond of love makes us do the impossible
So leave the bitter past and come back to life
I know I can heal you as few other mortals can
Come watch me fret, tell me how to be a man

Walk a mile in my shoes - see I've still the blues
Laugh and let's hold yesterday's treasure dear
You taught me about life, now be there for me
As I've needed you right through my entire life

The bard is saddened for nothing he says can heal
The wrongs of an eve that should never have been
Let me back in I can't bear to spend another day
Without you my dearest friend and teacher great


137 Niha →

for a friend's daughter that I used to know well 2 years ago


139 Thanksgiving →

Thanking my father for being my beacon of hope and source of refuge