Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


32 Tether →

Another fun romantic poem. This one sung by a friend while the ink was still drying.

69 When To Dream →

This ones awkward. I gotta stop writing romance for people I know!

73 Us not Them →

Me telling the tale of a couple - "Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers - Fair they made this world showing God's work amidst the diverse".

85 Beaten →

A different perspective on domestic abuse. "I saw the boy behind the monster crying out desperate - To be held in someone's regard, again by life to be tested".


120 Listen →

Romantic poem for a girl I was never interested in :)

123 Distance →

For that platonic friend of mine who suffered distance too

136 Neelu →

for my friend's son, on his 3rd birthday

144 Hugs →

wishing a friend a new chapter,to make her life splendid and super


173 Heal →

A long note on not caring about the world or feeling down but to let go the thoughts and HEAL.

243 The Conjurer →

For a friend, now turned healer - "I say join her even if your body and will are broken, with healing hands necessary to make you whole - she'll strive non stop"