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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


Category: Imagine

20 Teeming With Life →

How the world can be if Builders (Change Agents) were all given a chance to "reshape that stream of activity around us until the possibility of greatness is achieved".

52 Field of Truth →

For people to explore and embrace their religious identity and "Do not sink to the level of the stereotype - Rather rise higher than the clouds above - Reach heaven, and touch God's face".


76 2018 →

2018 and it's 5 preceding years - for Sahlan, Imran, Biraja & Simon

83 Love Our Nature →

For Simon of, a poem on unity. "I saw the world as one one night - No more wars, no waking in fright - Long and hard we had dreamed - Wake up and unite, we screamed".

90 Wake Up →

Jointly, Sons of God - wake up and life the Life Divine. "Why does none fight for the very principle of right - Sons of God wake up, live the good life and in might".

106 Mon Dieu →

About that cosmic divine. "As Kala and Bhairava does He make ours - A place of surpassing beauty, enter our nests - And reveal Himself at the Kernel of Bliss" (Anandamayakosha).

111 Enough →

First (planned) poem of the Imagine Series

112 Fight2 →

Another poem on Societal Liberation (Imagine)

113 Truth Beauty →

For my friend and founder of the Build India Group

126 Planetary Healing →

Another poem in the Imagine series

127 Humanity →

On building a peaceful world as we find our “humanity”

134 Fresh Air →

Another poem from the Imagine series

207 Connected →

So verdant they are that my heart is set a tingling... I feel a love emanating for all of God's creation... The night sky and silvery moon sets me singing... With the smell of Earth and Nature, I feel an elation...

245 Wish On →

Various wishes as I think of the big blue world and beg it to "wish on"