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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

112 Fight2

Another poem on Societal Liberation (Imagine)

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Fight, Imran, 12th Apr 2019 - for Simon

For a hill men would kill why they do not know
Gone insane by the pain that doth surely grow
The pain of a thousand murders and many a crime
Let's make a stand and finally cleanse all this grime

The blackest of hours on this land has begun
So join the fight and march on till victory is won
Which land I sayeth not, let all lands unite in tides
For the hour is fell and we're besieged from all sides

Warm the enemy's fire grows, let his harvest end here
Stop turning a blind eye and let him have no ones ear
For without support his ranks can never swell
It all ends here so make a stand, we may as well

Begin to come together to save this beautiful planet
From corrupt and vile men who've shot their last bullet
Petty and darkened are their mansions now all lost
For we'll never listen to them again, not one more cost

That makes this Earth want to find love and healing again
For sure as we strive for it, it and more we'll regain
I urge you not to sit on the sidelines but join the fight
So surely we can overcome the odds, freed of our plight


111 Enough →

First (planned) poem of the Imagine Series


113 Truth Beauty →

For my friend and founder of the Build India Group