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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


Category: Friends

18 Friends →

For a dear friend who I "thank for being steadfast in love for those are the very things - that makes us feel not like paupers but as kings".

36 Glimmer →

Sheeba - For a girl I met that evening, sitting quiet and not talking much - "It gets lonely sometimes as one waits - For love to come and flood the gates"

37 Friends2 →

For a dear old friend, in memory of good times and a imperative to "raise our glasses we did in toast - to a life from which we would wrest the most".

75 Resilience →

Paraphrasing Bryan Adams' Star in this line "Dont give up, dont look back, theres a silver lining, its out there somewhere - We need a shining star to depend on, so shine forth and find the star in there".

88 Tarun →

For a friend. "Watch as yon fledgeling finds some heaven in the sky - Straps to pull us up when life boots us in the backside".

103 Grief →

DL - A cause to reflect on another's pain. "But in my heart I think I'll always know strife - As it ruins loved ones, cuts like a knife".

108 Dear Lover →

Introducing a [then] current interest to a dear old friend. "Whose smile could lift my mood, make me go around - Any obstacle that life threw at me, peace pervaded me".

109 Maia →

Full of feelings, this one after accepting that we could just be friends. Maia (divine race) of Tolkien. "When do we get back to when our lives had art - As on afternoons we spoke happily with nary a care"

110 Choose Life →

For a friend who was feeling low and despondent

121 Healed →

Looking back to the past and letting go

123 Distance →

For that platonic friend of mine who suffered distance too

125 Friendship →

A friend I've written on friendship about before

141 Memory →

For a past love - Yesterday I remembered you [memory]

142 Smile →

It's time to get the mix right, then explode like dynamite!

146 Weaverbirds →

For a couple I know. Begins with some random stuff

Friend in Thee

148 Friend in Thee →

For a newmade friend and mentor

149 A house blessing →

For that couple again

166 Promise2 →

I wonder if we will se the splendour of friendship forged strong enough to ride the storms of any weather.

170 Roll →


197 Victory →

Time to up the ante and do justice to life.

202 Hurt →

Fill our hearts with peace and warmth - lord lead the way - help quell the turmoil, release us from the bitter fray.


203 Gizmo →

I cry now when I think of those fifteen years, how you showed how deeply you cared.

The power is yours

213 Friends3 →

I thank her for her words of wisdom from which I keep remembering that life is best lived with utmost feeling.

214 Lament →

Another loss i cannot bear,my eyes go moist and teary,but he 's lived a full life-brought comfort to the weary.

223 Perfect Again →

some friends make life something to look forward to,don't evergo again.

227 Help Me →

You fill the role of an honest ,insightful well-wisher,you 've helped me rethink my ideas so thy can last.

231 Jump →

Incidents like these give us pause to rflect on thingsand remember how precious life is to one and all.

249 Dear Brothers →

For four very dear friends who wished the best for me and how its time for me to stop playing the victim and instead come into my own