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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

166 Promise2

I wonder if we will se the splendour of friendship forged strong enough to ride the storms of any weather.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Promise, Imran, 14th Oct 2019

To always ponder with wonder at what tomorrow shall bring
as we live in God's abundance, oh He who makes us sing
In some long forgotten age, I held your hand in mine
And wondered as time seemed to stop, oh love divine

Wondered many things especially what future would befall
On us two who liked spending time with each other so well
Would our friendship change the way we saw the world without
Would we look within and find what the good fight is all about

Whatever life throws at us, I know we'll have each other
To count on, as so many friends fill our hearts aquiver
I know you well enough, and I do promise you this
I'll always want you to have nothing in life but bliss.

Can this little writer say something to make you smile askew
A gleeful smile, full of wonder at the delightful things you knew
The secret places where to find laughter and beam with a smile
Can you let go any of your worries, enjoy life for a little while

What happened to those days gone past when we used to grab a bite
together on quiet Mondays, we did indeed love life with all our might
I wonder if someday soon we will meet again and see the splendour
of friendships forged strong enough to ride the storms of any weather



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Heaven knows I try to make you proud of me.