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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

149 A house blessing

For that couple again

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

A house blessing, Imran, 21st Aug

Lord do give us your blessings as we set out to build
A home from four walls in which your spirit is hid
We find it hard to stand upright and tall
But then think of your grace amidst it all

With moustaches wound up we hit the pillow each night
Praying hard that we dont wake up in paralytic fright
Wondering why life ever had to be this cruel cruel way
A world where we forget thee and the devil holds sway

Unwind that moustache, breathe deep and sing exalted
For the devils lost his grip, all his dreams now thwarted
We awaken to your impulse to feel loved and connected
In a beautiful world that's no longer sick or convoluted

Fill our hearts with love and waken us from a past
Where dreams were shattered, and could not last
Give us a sense of untrammeled vision and grandeur
As we set out to graze upon your most verdant pasture

Bless this thine house o lord, where to serve is bliss
Help us find our way and never take this life amiss
We stand tall as we Teach our selves to feel safe
And warm as you deliver us from worldly strife


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