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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

Friend in Thee

148 Friend in Thee

For a newmade friend and mentor

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Friend in Thee, 21 Aug, Imran - for Ali

I look into you my brother's face and see my soul
The very depths of my soul - a globe all awhorl
A globe where good and bad ever contend
My poor heart seems forever on the mend

For within our own globe is the world large and limitless
Where our journeys begin and end and we bless
Each moment as we find a strain of thee
For keeping us in thy shining company

Brother I see past grief having given you impetus
And you see crystal clearly things which noone does
Far advanced you are on your journey
And yet you take the time for little old me

Tired am I of the endless chatter within and without
Sometimes I feel trapped and just wanna loudly shout
That this life is beautiful - so love her madly
Serve her well, do her bidding and gladly

Lead the music as once that piper did
Lose yourself to the moment, but stay hid
For the fruit of action is not ours to partake
So remember him when we our thirsts do slake


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