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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

147 Super You

DL - There it is, right on my sleeve!

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Super you, 19th August

As my lover's best friend I wanna thank you earnestly
For being there for her all this time until recently
I came on the scene determined to make her glow
What I've put her through only the 3 of us know

Its unfortunate I couldn't be there at the time
She needed me most my life ain't worth a dime
When I think of all the hurt I've put her through
She wouldn't have made it at all but for you

Now things are changed and I'm back to my senses
Give me a chance to show I care for her bunches
I'll be better now so let me say again I'm sorry
For all I've put you through, the nights of worry

I'll heal all her hurts for I've got the magic touch
Just have faith in me, know I love her so much
As to make sense of our lives again as before I did
When all was roses, now on the past close the lid

And let nary a memory come haunt us again
Oh I'd gladly go back and turn back to when
My lover was in my arms and I made her smile
Life's been tough on her, let me make it worth her while


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