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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

150 Loss

For my friend who lost his father

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Loss, 29 Aug 2019, for Rahul

The depths of my heart weeps for you this day
May the memories ever wash over you I say
The tears of pain and joy mingle to your toes until
It's time for us to pass away, our turn to be still

Remember that spirit is indeed as they say immortal
Worry not, because for souls such as he there is no hell
A gentler soul I haven't seen, but think not why did he have to depart
Let time pass and let the earth spring forth again peace and joy in your heart

Remember your earliest memories of your father dearest
As you tread a path he taught you to walk, give your best
Do not regret a single day, it's all been just as we planned
But always be peaceable and give your heart time to mend

Remember he's watching you from above so especially now
Become a man he can be proud of, make sure you always grow
Look after mother, for now her happiness lies in your hands
As you think back and wonder at that Great Architect's plans

Sorrow comes and goes in waves so give in and weep
As I do thinking of my own losses that've cut so deep
But remember they're immortal so grieve not too long
Rather, live a life that wakens their spirit with a song


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