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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

103 Grief

DL - A cause to reflect on another's pain. "But in my heart I think I'll always know strife - As it ruins loved ones, cuts like a knife".

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Grief, Imran, 10th Apr 2019

What do we know of grief for we've seen but little
Of the dregs to which life offers sadness. The mettle
We have goes for the most part untested and then
She brings sorrow to challenge our faith in heaven

What joy can there be to alleviate the loss
Of two lovers whose embryos went for a toss
I pretend not, to know what that mother would feel
But in my heart I pray she find a love to heal

I think back to a friend who at 22 lost his brother
The grief his parents knew, especially his mother
But what do I know I'm just a stupid boy
Who loves and forgets, everything a toy

That mother me wonders will she find the will again
To smile at little things when there's still so much pain
How do I comfort a couple when it's all just words
I conjure in my mind, truth hurtful as a dozen swords

The poem wears on, my heart torn in two
Only love can heal so use it like glue
To mend the unmendable, have comfort at side
Leave grief raw but let the healing go beside

My words are useless for they must sound hollow
A man who grief never touched, naked and shallow
But in my heart I think I'll always know strife
As it ruins loved ones, cuts like a knife

For what purpose in life but to share sorrow and despair
With friends who show us what it means to care
Touching us deeply with love that emanates from within
Find love we must though the world seem blue and dim

What can I say to bring a smile back to that woman
Who bears the pain of loss without her loved one
For fate seems determined to keep them apart
Though they have but to look for the other in heart

What can I say now as this poem draws to a close
But ends not this tale as ruefully I do propose
That we should always speak of our troubles
Instead of bottling sorrow in little bubbles

Speak and watch as a comforting hand lifts sorrow
A hug and a kiss and the promise of tomorrow
But for now I think I will go cry for a while
As heaven robs me of that wonderful smile


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Short Romantic Poem. "... That makes my heart flutter ever so soft as at dawn - When a million buttercups open and birds begin their song".


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Wondering if I can ever be as cool as my father. "As time and again I realise he is the best of us - What can I say except papa I'll do my best in life".