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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

197 Victory

Time to up the ante and do justice to life.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Victory - for Jayalakshmi, 6 Mar 2020

Working on a new poem for wonderful you
Trying to phase out the bits where you're blue
I know its been difficult but hang in there
You've met one soul who seems to care

Now shake of the melancholic sorrowful past
Be alert in the present - make a moment to last
One moment so full of you, where victory is won
Remember a new race starts, a race to be run

And run it you will as you find new joys abound
No more sadness or grief or simply going round
Be bold as this day you set out to win equipoise
Swift as a hare and sometimes slow as a tortoise

Remember to brood not for losses on the way
Your young and valiant, holding children in sway
Time to up the ante and do justice to life
Nowhere is it written to expect no strife

You're a fantastic teacher now its time to heal
The hurts of those around that you so keenly feel
Remember be gentle to all in all that you do
May life make your smallest of wishes come true


196 Mothers Love →

Me the apple of her eye,she certainly my tether.


198 Ace →

Has a year passed since from our midst you bid adieu.