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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

231 Jump

Incidents like these give us pause to rflect on thingsand remember how precious life is to one and all.

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

231 Jump, 28 Jun 2020, for Rozat

We jumped out of a moving train one day in a hurry
Lucky that we just fell and had only a bruise or two
The platform was there to welcome us don't worry
Now we laugh and think of more silly things to do

The truth is, that incident really scared me to the core
How could two sane individuals do such a crazy thing
Didn't we know better, and want to live much more?
And not crippled, our lives not worth a bloody farthing

It's sad the number of people who get into accidents
Doing silly things without thought of the consequences
We need to be level headed and maintain good sense
And not go racing cars on the roads, losing our senses

We look back at that day 3 years later and thank the stars
That our number wasnt up, that we got a new lease on life
How many near ones lost? Let's not count the scars
It's sad to note that tomfoolery and recklessness is rife

Incidents like these give us pause to reflect on things
And remember how very precious life is to one and all
Be mindful of what goes on, love life for what she brings
Be careful of your step, make sure you dont ever fall!


230 Boy Interrupted →

I sem to falterlord,do show me grace and the strength to go on,fight a little every day.


232 Cat →

I saw a cat on th e terrace ,i wanted to shoutwith delightfor i love animalswith all my heart.