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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

129 Healers Creed

To find healing in this world

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

The Healers Creed, Imran, 7th May

Forgive me father for I found you wanting
I didnt realise you sacrificed your dreams for my stability
I knew not why you were so quiet
Until I found myself one evening careworn

What do we know of the sum of a bodies life
Whilst we build walls around us
And judge our parents for doing the best they COULD
Tear down the walls and talk

Communicate in earnest before it's too late
Reconciliation with the Father unlocks your happiness
And a quiet cup of tea with mommy can moisten your eyes
It's only as we become parents ourselves we free our minds

And know the joy they knew when they raised us
And who prepares us to be parents if we dont talk
And form societies for joyful exchange
Support a friend whose worried for his children

Hug a mother who just lost her twins
Reform a wife beater and grant him grace
Help a rapist find peace with himself
Begin dialogue with a murderer

Give comforting to a soldier who survived a war
Walk a mile in your mothers shoes
Wipe away a tear from a separated husband
Begin to understand the sorrow of a grieving family

Celebrate someone who lived to be a hundred
Remember a friend who died at 22
Remember is not about the number of breaths we take
But the moments that take our breath away

So help the old lady cross the road
And dont laugh when your lover breaks down and cries
Life is hard enough on it's own
But doubly hard when were all alone

So extend that hand and help someone
Before you find you've lead a shallow callous life
Make every precious moment count
While theres still the river of tomorrows to drink from

Make peace with your self before it's too late
Then seek forgiveness before bitterness mounts
Live carefree and courageous and dare to dream
As in this plentiful life your sorrows heal


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