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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

193 New Dreams

Looking forward to making new dreams last.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

New Dreams, 14 Feb 2020. For N

You came into my life and suddenly it bloomed
You lay next to me in bed and we gently spooned
I wondered that I was lucky to've found the love of my life
Now I wonder, how to make sense of all this strife

It was especially hard to have to let you go
Don't you know darling that I still love you so
Return to me for my dear I'm so lonely
I remember the days with you beside me

Days when I felt a great energy engulf my whole
Made me dare to give to life my heart and soul
Now I feel strangled, my breathing shallow
I just wanna bury my head in a little burrow

But life goes on and we should not tarry in the past
Instead look forward to making new dreams to last
I regret all the suffering I made you go through
The best days of our lives, my how quickly they flew

Yesterday you were the dawn that kindled my spirit
Now I dunno anymore how to take it to the limit
And wrest as much as I can of this wonderful life
I wonder if ever I'll find me a mellifluous wife


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Of standing tall no matter th worry or ordeal.


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Family unit is the building block of the future - For Suzie