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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

194 Heaven

Family unit is the building block of the future - For Suzie

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Heaven, 15th Feb 2020, for Suzie

There is a sweet girl that I've known for some time now
Wants to spend all her time watching her son grow
That thrill her husband has cos as it turned out
Her job was better, gave the ability to laugh and shout

Unlike a depressing job in IT that does but smother
Enough of work this poem is about the young mother
I've watched them build a home for 10 long years
They've housed my soul, filled me with beers

Smiled at my inability to figure a solution to my woes
Or pursue the normal things my generation does
I'd like to remind them that I'm working towards
A brighter tomorrow for children who'll be my wards

I need their inputs to make my ideas concrete
As we find ways to make everyones life sweet
The family unit is the building block of the future
And they've loving families on both sides who care

I wish you two the best and the courage to live well
Raise that fine son of yours, let him cast his spell
Of love on the world as only our youth can cause
Us to give our best, toil to build heaven without pause


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