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Infused :: Inspired by and Infused to Love

My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

195 Tracey

Thank you for a lifetime,come and lets have fun.

Rhyme Scheme: Partly Consecutive

Tracey, 16th Feb 2020, for G

The time is not quite right for I have not yet met you, mommy
Of the child of my dreams who in my mind I see so clearly
Truth is, I'd like to have someone lie beside me
With dreams as crazy as mine can ever be

I thank Sandra for kindling these strong emotions in me
As I set out now to find someone who'll love me entirely
I'll always be grateful to her for believing in my song
I now look forward to finding a lover to whom to belong

Last time I looked to the future a girl appeared rather soon
But then left me clueless, my heart beating not in tune
Would I dare to wrest the Light Divine from the Iron Crown
Yes I would darling with your faith backing my own

Let's have a child together and let him roam the world
Let's nourish his soul gently and watch his wings unfurl
A New Race can be born if we exceed this mortal form
The nightmares purged if only we ride this dreadful storm

Enough talk of storms, let's make a pact of love
That grows steadily each day, stretches to the skies above
I hum the bars of a tune I'll sing for you when our race is run
I'll simply sing "thank you for a lifetime" now come and lets have fun


194 Heaven →

Family unit is the building block of the future - For Suzie


196 Mothers Love →

Me the apple of her eye,she certainly my tether.