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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

192 Perfection2

Of standing tall no matter th worry or ordeal.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Perfection, 8 Feb 2020 - For Shobi

Perfection is something we all reach for in life
It comes to those who have courage and face strife
I hope you will always fight for what you believe is right
But above all, take care of yourself with all of your might

For, as a friend taught me it's self love we all need
A gentleness with ourselves makes us do the deed
Of standing tall no matter the worry or ordeal
For when we're ourselves, we can this world heal

Dear friend, may you this year reach a new height
Of happiness and glee, amidst the good fight
Stay perfect as did your mother before you
Feel warm in her aura - never let yourself be blue

Perfection can be had in little moments when we do
Submit to the Lord's truth and remember the clue
That in each moment we just need to be our very best
And not feel dismayed when we're put to the test

Smile friend, as you read this bard's wishes for you
That you can taste the flavour of mountain dew
As you look back on a lifetime of giving your best
Then look forward and stay valiant among the rest


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You were my dawn,come back and see if you can resurect what little is left of me.


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