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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

155 Waves

Choosing between lover and my paper children

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Waves - 7th Sep, for paper children from days past

Waves of thoughts and emotions pass over me
Made more meaningful since the day I found thee
Forgive me if I'm attached to the friends of my youth
Ideas and paper children, let's nourish them, us both

But they're no longer the central thrust of my life
I'd willingly let's go of all, to have you as wife
But remember them fondly as supporters of mine
That I gave up to have you - make our hearts entwine

What for this life if not for to spend together
Let me in, wholly, guide my actions in the theater
Or watch as fumble for a time I do as is my wont
Accept me! Let's make memories that ever will haunt

I studied under Monty Ferret for a long while ere I learnt
That money isnt all though its importance, forget I shant
He taught us children what I was to have character
Then go out into the wide blue sky, go out and conquer

I'm on the runway with Stormy now about to take off
Be beside me as I learnt to fight on verdant turf
3am came and went a few times and I cried
I woke and thought you were gone and nearly died


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