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154 Lifes Mission

When requested by a friend to make a poem on death

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Life's Mission, Imran, Sep 3rd

When souls depart we fail to celebrate the successful completion of their life's mission
For we look to the mortal frame with red rimmed eyes that proclaim our depression
And anguish and sadness at all that will never be again as was today
We forget we'll play again tomorrow, actors in a different theatrical play

The story wears on and we think how to keep a part of the departed
In our hearts and lives as we think of ways to keep our lips parted
In anticipation of all the grandeur and glory that life to us keeps bringing
A reminder of the one gone who it was who kept us singing

So sing on boys and girls, let not a moment be wasted crying
As we set out to fulfil our own missions, not to end up dying
Before our time as we win our dreams one moment at a time
And come away stronger as each day passes, our mood sublime

Lovely be thy life as each moment you strive to find the uttermost bliss
Think not to the past and how you your friend or family member you doth miss
Goodness can become your hallmark as you set out to find new love
Theres beauty to be found all around, as you soar up like a dove

Sometimes we dont know all the answers but let that not deter you
Instead wait for timeless springs to kiss your lips like mountain dew
Celebrate life and all our combined missions and stay ever strong
As we wait patiently to rejoin loved ones we've been away from too long


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When requested by a friend to make a poem on death


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