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153 Stormbringer

When requested by a friend to make a poem on death

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Stormbringer, Imran, on death, 3rd September (sonnet)

Death comes easy to one who has fought hard all through life
So reflect and find glory amidst the quagmire and the strife
The secrets of living and dying are there in the repose of death
For all to see, feel and hear - its secret is to be one with the breath

Storms come and go, and change not the one who is tranquil
Except to give him strength, fight on until he lays still
Look inward for all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be
So dont ever let anything block out the light - forever blinding thee

I pray for inner calm to conquer the moment gone with no regrets
Life has a way of working out for the one who never frets
Stir with passion the guitar of life as your fingers run over its frets

I pray to conquer the moment to come by first doing duty to the one present
Bring all my forces to bear, sow love and harmony not fear and dissent
As life is a gift, a very precious one, from the very heavens sent



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When requested by a friend to make a poem on death