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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

Almost Paradise

176 Almost Paradise

A note to heal for a friend

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

Almost Paradise, 4th Dec 2019

Sometimes when beaten to the brink of annihilation we find
A power within us, a connect with our Maker in heaven above
Gently He heals us, gives a purpose amidst the noise and grind
Makes us believe we can be happy again, peaceful as a dove

Why the suffering we ask, couldn't it have always been good
Why beat us senseless with acts of utterly moronic hate
We don't know where to go then suddenly a calm grips our mood
And we find its imperative to heal completely before its too late

With newfound faith in our hearts we look upward and see
A glimmering taste of paradise but then the vision is lost
Seemingly, until we remember Him and all that he causes to be
Almost Paradise and now its upto us to come to terms with the past

But how to let go so much pain and suffering, except with prayer
A daily gladness as we find new verses to sing in praise of Him
We feel sure His will will prevail, make us almost into a seer
For our constant remembrance gives us a power bright not dim

It nearly cost me my life to become the person I am today
Sweet as ever and that goodness I have is to share
With others whose faith in their maker ever holds sway
Please Lord, be gentle, show me your utmost care


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