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177 Song of Life

Grace my heart with the power of your feet

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Song of life, 5 Dec

Life is short you know, very short, so celebrate it madly
Make her do your bidding, love her wildly and gladly
Enjoy the lows as well - they make you appreciate the highs
Its all the way you look at it, part of the game of our lives

Play on, reach for the skies as the music rolls on
Don't stop, keep fighting till every summit is won
Let her leave you enthralled to find new joys each day
Don't let her frighten you, make you bereft of words to say

There's a kind of hush all over the world as we can hear
The sound of lovers and families and friends who bear
Testimony to the wonder of life, as warm and tenderly
They tread the winepress of life, loving her as she loves me

So what do I know of the highs and lows? I've seen my share
I've seen a mother show how tenderly she can give care
I've seen a poet among men robbed of his wonderful smile
We all share sorrows, look yonder at each other while

We go through the journey of life, give comfort if you can
Be strong for someone - do it - it'll make you a better man
Give life everything you got, always try to be strong
For through you, great beauty wakens into song


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