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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.


178 Mountains

On International Mountain Day. A quick reference to Tolkien too.

Rhyme Scheme: Partly Alternate

#InternationalMountainDay #PoemsThatLongWistfully #PoemsThatIgnite

How I would love to leave the city, dwell upon a mountain
The mountains that beckoned to Niggle whilst he designed Eden
To pass beyond is all I seek, so let's live like Jeremiah Johnson
Perhaps in Europe, I'll visit Helagsfjallet in faraway Sweden

Or Mt Godwin Austen in India. On an eve with gentle snowfall
I'll mayhap trek the Pacific Trail and pass by Mt St Helens
Where once I cartwheeled in ecstacy, threw my first snowball!
How much longer will we despoil this Earth, must we be dense

And deaf to nature's call, deaf to hear the honk of a snowgoose
As she flaps her wings near a seashore in Wickaeldroth, England
Deaf to the cry of Babe Piglet as his footing he does loose
In panic to climb a hillside and find his family so grand

Join us as we start an #EcoDrive, build a veritable ship
Let's espouse the cause of Mother Nature, use some sense!
What worthier joy that that of accepting our Stewardship
and making this Ark to help us past our troubled adolescence

Why do we squander our capacities to love and give
We squabble and have such horrible nightmares, come on man
lets dream and walk together instead... lets forgive...
Walk as sunset falls, up the gentle slope of a Mountain


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