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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

226 Spent

I am more mindfulof my thoughtsnow,I pray all the time that things will become better.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

226 Spent, 30 May 2020,on Self

Down and almost out we feel sometimes, a total mess
The decades take their toll on us, no grace to redress
It's hard to hold a smile with our innards fully spent
No love to revive, instead we're all warped and bent

It's aeons since I felt virile or even just resilient or strong
Past loves only add to the pain, time just drags along
Age comes and makes us gasp, wondering where to go
In my youth, it seemed that all the answers I'd know

There's a certain sorrow at watching loved ones depart
What you ask is the purpose, does life have a heart?
Beat and limp you feel, while the world just marches on
Joy is fleeting and memory just simply wears you down

It's hard to have faith at all in the divinity of the plan
It seems now you've forgotten just how to be a man
Was grace ever real or was it all just a foolish dream
Time wears on and it simply makes me wanna scream

I don't know how this tale will end I'm feeling mighty low
Was it just yesterday we thought the world all aglow?
I'm more mindful of my thoughts now, I pray all the time
That soon things will become better, life suddenly sublime


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Jointly with Meggha


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You fill the role of an honest ,insightful well-wisher,you 've helped me rethink my ideas so thy can last.