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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

163 Pains

Learn fast before it is too late

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

Pains, Sep 24th, Imran

I'm confronted with a blank sheet at a loss for words
A past full of mistakes haunts me, cuts like swords
Where do I begin to apologise for all I've said and done
A nonsensical life I've led, always yelling, never really fun

I can see beyond the words to the pains in my soul
But noone forgives that easily, let me crawl into a hole
That doesn't solve anything only makes me feel blue
What I'd give to have you back in any shape or hue

I see beyond my own self to how I've hurt you so
And forgot to be a beacon letting your feelings flow
As you tell me where life's gotten you uttermost down
Anger, pain and sadness, oh my how much they've grown

I'm gasping for a strain of you in everything that I do
Wondering when I'll get a chance to make it up to you
Life was hard on us until we found each others friendship
Please let me back again, let me make a fledgling trip

Into your life, I only wish to undo the wrong I've done
Tell me how and I will most certainly change and learn
I've learnt the hard way that all my ways have been silly
I'm unwilling to lose you, so please come back to me


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