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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

182 Dregs

Its time to let go of the pastand come back to life

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

Dregs, Jan 1 2020 - for N

I still know not the dregs to which life offers sorrow
Any words I say must therefore seem all hollow
Don't feel trapped, ease the frustrations all away
Hold a happy thought in your arms and gently sway

Put away the fears of losing a family member
Laugh and be glad for the time left to thee
Dare to win dreams of simple contentment
In having someone to walk beside towards heaven

Give your mind the year off, let it not fret incessantly
Rather think of all there is to be grateful for
Resonate your wishes and watch the universe respond
As your deepest desires come true with crystal clarity

We magnetize the events of our life to the last detail
So sculpt your destiny with the minutest precision
If you know not how, simply calm the mind and let go
Of all the worries that forever hold u a captive

I've said before throw off the drapes from the walls
And leap boldly into the fray of life, be bold
Its time to let go of the past and come back to life
Say I love you to the mirror and go WIN your dreams


181 Boyo →

Sripriya - So much romance, so little remains... "Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind - Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind".


183 Edible →

Lift me,take this battered heart of mine and make it sing