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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

229 Bleed

for Countries torn apart

Rhyme Scheme: Alternate

229 Bleed, 19 Jun 2020, for Countries torn apart

We bleed from a line drawn right through our heart
Countries are often the same people shorn in two
Can we ever erase the blood and go back to the start
When there was no "this is me, and this other is you"?

All borders in the world leave families on both sides
They cause unrest and bloody and unnecessary strife
Let's envision a gentler world, ride through stormy tides
Leave away this bad blood that cuts deep like a knife

Why do we have conflict and war, can't we do better?
Dissolve all borders and let peace and concord reign!
When will we have peace on Earth? What's the matter
Happiness at killing a brother is happiness in vain

Dissolve them instantly, world over let's have goodwill
Undo the wrongs from our bloody past post haste
Can't we just be happy, learn to be amicable and still
In stillness will come resolve to not let it all go waste

Members of the same tribe we are all homo sapiens
Made of stardust - when will our divinity shine forth?
Make us all delight to show love for fellow world citizens
Grant us peace - a metamorphosis that is our rebirth


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